Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hello beauts :)

This week was filled with craziness and mad miracles!!
First things first, I love the projects. I love those people so much!!
So we were trying to track down one of our boys and we ran into these two guys up to no good. We talked to them for a little while and they asked how they could know that it is true. There is an insane power that comes when we hand over a Book of Mormon. Every time. One of them held it in his hands and said, "I'll read it."
So we left them with that commitment and to pray and then went on our way.
We kept knocking the eerie neighborhood and then saw that fellow again. There was a baptism for someone in our Zone in about an hour so we were like,"Yo, T,  do you want to come to a baptism right now?" He said he didn't have a car so we called up the elders in that area and asked if one of their members would come pick him up and take him. AND THEY DID!
So just try to imagine us walking into the church with this big dude from the projects. Throughout the whole baptism we talked about how he felt and he kept saying "I feel coo" (cool). He's such a boss!
Sister Dohner and Sister Bullock


Then we went Sunday night for a lesson in the projects with two of our  members. Right when we got there we heard a ton of gun shots and we were like uhhhh... but then it was just firecrackers ;) Our homie C stood us up, but his friend was there and so he said he'd sit in for the lesson we would have had with C. Truuuuuest homie right there! My heart just melts seeing these kids in the worst circumstances have a desire to do better and be better and let the Atonement of Christ work in their lives!

This work is so real. It is straight from God. 
Love you cuties. Have a good week :)
Sister Dohner

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