Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey fans.
Just another week in the life. Not too much craziness went down this week but it was still rad none the less. My comp is super dope and will be training in no time. 
We had "One Week" which was a meeting with the Prez and other important people for the newbies and trainers. It was so good. I love President and Sister Henrie with my whole heart. They are the coolest. Meetings like those get me on a roller coaster of emotions because at one point I'll be so pumped to get out and baptize the world and then a minute later I'll be recognizing how much I need to learn as a missionary haha. But it was good! Plus I got to see my BFF in the mission, Elder Black. He was my Zone Leader but basically trained me, so we're super tight.

This week we met a couple people during "Knockout" that are so ready for the gospel. One in particular is Andrea. She's 14 and is the coolest girl ever. We shared with her parts from the Restoration and she asked what more she could do to come closer to Christ. Like okay girl, I'll tell you what you can do! So we talked about following in his footsteps completely, including being baptized. And how she can know for herself that that is what she should do by praying and acting in faith. Then she asked us for a BOM! Not much more you can ask  from a door contact. We are meeting with her again tonight :) 

We are preparing for our homeboy Richard's baptism on Saturday! YEAH BOY! Pray pray pray for him! I'll letcha all know next Monday how it went down! :) But we met with him and his cute fam yesterday and lessons are easy with them because they're all members but Richard and even he has the strongest testimony-- so they're practically member lessons. (And he's been taught the lessons four times so..) Anyway we decided to talk about the Atonement. We started off sharing BecauseHeLives and went around and had everyone share what about the Atonement touches them personally. It was super cool especially to hear the little kids testimonies. The room felt like it was on fire! The spirit was so strong. Then we shared a poem that Sis.B's friend sent her and wow I got choked up when I read it. The Atonement is so real. We can't fully comprehend how, but all I know is it works. My heart is so grateful.

Well cuties, I love you all and I hope you all know that I love this work. God is so great and is in the details of our lives if we only step back and notice Him.This morning I flipped to John 13 when Christ insists on washing the feet of his apostles. At first they refuse because he is Jesus Christ but then he says if they will not let him wash their feet then they are not of him. So then they ask Christ to not only wash their feet but their hands and heads also. I never really understood the lesson to learn from this story. I always just thought that was them wanting to be obedient to Jesus but this morning I thought it is likened to the Atonement. If we refuse to let Him wash our sins, it is us not accepting his Atonement. But if we let him wash our sins, we don't want to just have him wash part of our sins, but all of them. Head to toe. We really should be working on using the Atonement daily. Repenting daily. Using each day to develop a relationship with Him. That's something I'll work on.

Peace and Blessings lovelies,
Sister Dohner

Monday, July 20, 2015


Well this week has been wild. 
Here in California, there is a massive drought but hold your breath because IT POURED THE PAST TWO DAYS!!!! Hopefully we'll continue to inspire the clouds to make it raiiinnnn.. ;)

Our new prez has the entire mission knocking 4-6 PM. Not before, not later. No exceptions. No appointments. No visiting potentials. Strictly knocking unknown doors. AND I LOVE IT!! Even in the rain. So so so many miracles come from it-- usually not until the last 20 minutes of knocking but I love that because it really teaches us to be patient and diligent and fully obedient. But the coolest thing about it all is in the rain last night, my 12-year-old boy side of me came out and I caught a baby frog! We named him Rubert. Me and my trainee are pretty tight. We were actually friends on insta before the mission, lol. Her name is Sister B and she's from Vernal Utah and ran track at UVU the past two years. She's super solid.
My new trainee/comp, Me and Sister M

K so three pretty cool things happened, be excited...
1. Pray for our homeboy Richy and his baptismal date for AUGUST 1st!!! This is a big thing because he has had all the lessons taught to him 4 times and has not ever committed to a date. His wife (for a year now!) is a rockstar member and has been working with the missionaries since 2013 to get Richard to feel ready to be baptized and THE LIGHT HAS COME! I am buzzing. So stoked for their family.
2. Met the cutest girl during "knockout". We taught her the whole restoration on her doorstep. We asked her to pray afterward and her prayer was seriously the most precious thing I've ever heard. She included a couple things like, "I hope these things are true", "please bless me in the future to know the truth", "please make the world a better place". The air density at that moment felt exponentially heavy from the spirit and all the angels surrounding us. Wow good times. She texted us yesterday though and said her mom got upset with her and won't let her meet with us but she said she REALLY wants to learn more about God so she asked us other ways she can learn about our gospel. Hopefully her mom's heart will soften. Pray for us!
3. We got our new investigator who was 'curious' to church and man he is solid! So curious and kept asking specific questions about how his life will be after he's baptized. My heart is so full.
I love you all and I hope you are feeling the blessings from me being out here because I sure am. I love it so much.

Life really is so great out here. Keep being cute and sending me pictures of your lives! 
Love you all so dearly!!

-Sister Dohner :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Well this week has been nuts...
I've been out for roughly 6 weeks now which means 6 weeks of insane miracles and immense blessings! I wish I could accurately describe what my life has been like here but in one word I'd describe it as crazy.
Beside all the great miracles, fun times, and success, sadly Sister M and I are being separated. We were seeing so much success... like lots in the mission. But the Lord is in charge. Training is for 12 weeks, typically. But we got a transfer call on Saturday and now I will be taking over the area and training a brand new missionary! 
I'm pretty convinced president confused me with someone else because this never happens. I am really nervous and anxious and scared but if the Lord has faith in me that I can do this, then I need to have faith too. 
Goodbyes to Sister M
I really like this talk called Faith- The Choice Is Yours by Richard C Edgley. I'll paraphrase: 
'Faith can move MOUNTAINS. Mountains of doubt and despair removed and replaced with hope and optimism. Mountains of sin replaced with repentance and forgiveness. Mountains of pain replaced with peace, hope, and gratitude. Move forward into the unknown, armed only with hope and desire. Showing faith and devotion to the Lord.'
One of my favorite lessons to give is about the Atonement. I was teaching an investigator once and she never realized fully that the atonement was for HER. The spirit took over me and told her in depth how exactly He
atoned for her and she just started crying and the room felt like it was on fire. SO AMAZING.

Please pray for me like super hard and long and sincere because I will need it! And pray that my trainee is as cool as I was as a trainee ;) 
Well I sure do love you all and I hope you all are being good girls and boys and using each and every day as a day to learn and grow and progress. Remember, in life you can either Win or Learn, Losing is a choice. 

Peace and Blessings,
Sister Dsteezy

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hello beautiful people! 

So this week was jam packed with good times. But I won't mention all the pranks we pulled because then you might think we're not working hard!
PREZ HENRIE IS IN THE HIZHOUSE! We had our Zone Meeting aka "Meet the New Mission President" last Tuesday and it was exciting because we had a city-wide blackout so half of it was in the dark lolol. Mind you: these meetings are typically from 8am-5pm. But of course after the lights went out I had a code red bathroom attack :)))) There is only one bathroom in the the whole stake center and it just happens to be a strange one where it's through two doors next to the baptismal room and has no windows so there is no source of light at all...Couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. That was a bonding experience for Sis M and I.

But on a more serious note, we are constantly seeing so many cool miracles in our area, I feel so lucky. 
An elder this past week made a weekly goal to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and ask himself, "How can I be more like Sister M and Sister Dohner?" haha we are the talk of the town here. You all are missing out. :)

Here's a pretty cool story:
4th of July. One of my fav holidays but of course we still had our normal curfew. We crawled into bed at 10:30 and were almost asleep when the door bell rang. Anytime past 10:30 to missionaries is like the middle of the night to normal people. So we get up super startled and confused and look through the peephole to see our homeboy from upstairs that we talk to from time to time. We don't answer it though because too tired and just nah. Well he texts us right after about how he's super curious about the Mormon religion and he wants to learn more... uh okay rad! Well we see him the next day and he tells us he's open to meet with us right then so we pick up our stuff and go to a cute park bench place in our complex. He asks all these questions and it was a super sick conversation. He said he wants to come to church on Sunday and meet with us again. So we tell him to pray with us and he said the sweetest prayer about knowing if our church is true and to take care of his grandpa that just died. Ahh so sweet. 
But listen here, this is really significant to me...
1. When I was preparing for my mission I would pray that God would prepare the people for me and that they'd have curious minds to learn about the gospel.
Our homeboy kept saying how "curious" he was.
2. From the time we first met him I kept thinking about how we really needed to meet with him. I didn't know exactly why or if it was the spirit, but I knew we had to try to reach out to him. He works for Universal Studios super early in the mornings so we always miss him; but we caught him at the right time.
3. After the lesson I was telling my comp how cool that was because I kept feeling like he was one of the people I was sent here to teach and I prayed for curious minded Californians. Then she paused for a second and said, "You know... He moved here the day you got here."
It doesn't sound significant but it was. I don't know what God has in store for this guy but it was such a great testament knowing that God truly does prepare his people and he truly does answer prayers. 

Keep praying for me and remember to stand a little taller and be a little better :)
Stay freaky fre$h lovelies~

-Sister Dohner


I'm a Pro! Look Dad!


One of our Filipino bff's. Her twin gave me new slip on black vans that I've been wanting :)