Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey fans.
Just another week in the life. Not too much craziness went down this week but it was still rad none the less. My comp is super dope and will be training in no time. 
We had "One Week" which was a meeting with the Prez and other important people for the newbies and trainers. It was so good. I love President and Sister Henrie with my whole heart. They are the coolest. Meetings like those get me on a roller coaster of emotions because at one point I'll be so pumped to get out and baptize the world and then a minute later I'll be recognizing how much I need to learn as a missionary haha. But it was good! Plus I got to see my BFF in the mission, Elder Black. He was my Zone Leader but basically trained me, so we're super tight.

This week we met a couple people during "Knockout" that are so ready for the gospel. One in particular is Andrea. She's 14 and is the coolest girl ever. We shared with her parts from the Restoration and she asked what more she could do to come closer to Christ. Like okay girl, I'll tell you what you can do! So we talked about following in his footsteps completely, including being baptized. And how she can know for herself that that is what she should do by praying and acting in faith. Then she asked us for a BOM! Not much more you can ask  from a door contact. We are meeting with her again tonight :) 

We are preparing for our homeboy Richard's baptism on Saturday! YEAH BOY! Pray pray pray for him! I'll letcha all know next Monday how it went down! :) But we met with him and his cute fam yesterday and lessons are easy with them because they're all members but Richard and even he has the strongest testimony-- so they're practically member lessons. (And he's been taught the lessons four times so..) Anyway we decided to talk about the Atonement. We started off sharing BecauseHeLives and went around and had everyone share what about the Atonement touches them personally. It was super cool especially to hear the little kids testimonies. The room felt like it was on fire! The spirit was so strong. Then we shared a poem that Sis.B's friend sent her and wow I got choked up when I read it. The Atonement is so real. We can't fully comprehend how, but all I know is it works. My heart is so grateful.

Well cuties, I love you all and I hope you all know that I love this work. God is so great and is in the details of our lives if we only step back and notice Him.This morning I flipped to John 13 when Christ insists on washing the feet of his apostles. At first they refuse because he is Jesus Christ but then he says if they will not let him wash their feet then they are not of him. So then they ask Christ to not only wash their feet but their hands and heads also. I never really understood the lesson to learn from this story. I always just thought that was them wanting to be obedient to Jesus but this morning I thought it is likened to the Atonement. If we refuse to let Him wash our sins, it is us not accepting his Atonement. But if we let him wash our sins, we don't want to just have him wash part of our sins, but all of them. Head to toe. We really should be working on using the Atonement daily. Repenting daily. Using each day to develop a relationship with Him. That's something I'll work on.

Peace and Blessings lovelies,
Sister Dohner

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