Monday, July 13, 2015

Well this week has been nuts...
I've been out for roughly 6 weeks now which means 6 weeks of insane miracles and immense blessings! I wish I could accurately describe what my life has been like here but in one word I'd describe it as crazy.
Beside all the great miracles, fun times, and success, sadly Sister M and I are being separated. We were seeing so much success... like lots in the mission. But the Lord is in charge. Training is for 12 weeks, typically. But we got a transfer call on Saturday and now I will be taking over the area and training a brand new missionary! 
I'm pretty convinced president confused me with someone else because this never happens. I am really nervous and anxious and scared but if the Lord has faith in me that I can do this, then I need to have faith too. 
Goodbyes to Sister M
I really like this talk called Faith- The Choice Is Yours by Richard C Edgley. I'll paraphrase: 
'Faith can move MOUNTAINS. Mountains of doubt and despair removed and replaced with hope and optimism. Mountains of sin replaced with repentance and forgiveness. Mountains of pain replaced with peace, hope, and gratitude. Move forward into the unknown, armed only with hope and desire. Showing faith and devotion to the Lord.'
One of my favorite lessons to give is about the Atonement. I was teaching an investigator once and she never realized fully that the atonement was for HER. The spirit took over me and told her in depth how exactly He
atoned for her and she just started crying and the room felt like it was on fire. SO AMAZING.

Please pray for me like super hard and long and sincere because I will need it! And pray that my trainee is as cool as I was as a trainee ;) 
Well I sure do love you all and I hope you all are being good girls and boys and using each and every day as a day to learn and grow and progress. Remember, in life you can either Win or Learn, Losing is a choice. 

Peace and Blessings,
Sister Dsteezy

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