Monday, February 29, 2016

Wow guys.
 I'm seriously speechless because God is so good and I love so much being a missionary.
Every week I get around to writing these letters and as I reflect on my week, my heart literally feels heavy because the blessings and miracles and goodness is so great. We're teaching like mad and finding like mad and it's the most amazing thing because, I kid you not, every single time we teach someone, I learn something new about the gospel. I am edified every single time. My conversion deepens. It sounds a little weird, but it's the most powerful thing. 
Saw Morrisy at the Apple Store!

We were in a lesson the other day and the member with us bore testimony of the coolest thing. He said something like,
"Put aside the fact that God loves us. We know that. You know that. God loves us, ya. But for a moment consider the fact that God MISSES us."

That hit me way hard.

No wonder why he blesses us so much. No wonder why he wants us to pray to him daily. No wonder why He is so active in our every day lives.
It's a cool thing when all these things you've heard all your life actually become a reality in your life. I'm at that point. Things just make sense. 
I just love life so much and I love you guys so much :))))

Have the best week beauts!
xo, sista dohner

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey shnookums :)

Woof, these weeks are flyin'!
This week was mostly super, super good! YSA Ward is blowing up and it's so busy and super dank! :') Our investigators are doing AMAZING! Miracles!
One of our investigators is so cute and so cool. She's like our bff.
She waited for her boyfriend when he went on his mission and he's been back for two years now! She was hesitant to join the church because she didn't want to just join because of him. But she just started taking the lessons and we committed her to baptism for the middle of MARCH! AHHHH! Her testimony is seriously so strong already... she asks us advice on how to phrase things to teach her mom about the church haha. AH so great!
The Valley Girls
Also, D is doing so good! One of our new investigators came to church yesterday and D told him all about the church and bore his testimony to him and just was super real with him and it was so cute :') He's only been baptized for a week and he's already changing lives (and thinking about a mission).
Stake conference was this weekend. Yesterday one of the area 70's spoke to us about baseball so I'll share a little cuz who doesn't like baseball?
He talked about when he was little he saved up for a new mitt. He was super stoked and finally earned enough! He went to the store and was confused to find his new mitt was really stiff. He did the drill with putting oil on it, opening it and closing it, rubber-banding a tennis ball in it and sticking it under his mattress. He worked really hard to break it in so when he put his hand in it and wanted it to close, it would close. And when he wanted it to open, it would open.
He talked about when we have a "broken heart and a contrite spirit", our hearts are "broken in". We let the Lord slip into our broken-in hearts and whatever he intends us to do... we do it. We shouldn't be stiff. 

I know we'll only catch miracles if we open our hearts to the Lord and allow him to break us in. 
I seriously am SO happy and I don't think it's because God decided to all of a sudden bless me with a pile of blessings... I've come to realize it's just us RECOGNIZING the blessings that have been with us all along. God is so so good!
I hope you all have the best week ever :) xoxoxoxooxoxo

-Sis D

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hi beauts!

Wow my heart is SO HAPPY!!!
I love the YSA Ward so much and I love the trio life! I snagged dibs on the back seat too, so I take the best naps-- wow life is good!
Triple Threat
 We cover the whole San Fernando Valley now so we are SO busy! It's so great because I just feel like I'm sharing my testimony with my best friends. Like I love these people so much already. They're my people!!! 
I jumped in at the right time to help finish teach and get together a baptism for a guy named D. HE IS SO COOL. I shouldn't pick favorites, but his baptism was the most spiritual one I've ever been to. Like I cried the whole time and I didn't even really teach him the whole time hahaha. This whole mission thing is making me so soft. 
A couple days before his baptism,  we met at McD's to read the Book of Mormon together and it was crazy because Satan is such a steeze and works so hard right before people get dunked. 
Right before the lesson this deaf Born Again came and it so happened that my companion Sis B is an ASL missionary, so he started bible bashing her in sign language-- haha. 
Then literally RIGHT after D said the closing prayer, a Jehovah's Witness approached him and gave him a pamphlet. He put it best: "This is exhausting" ...hahaha. But his baptism was SICK and his testimony was so so so good. The first thing he said was.. "Hi. I'm D. I just got baptized right then. That was me."   hahah.

We're teaching all sorts of less actives and recent converts and investigators and wowie, they're my homies. This has probably been the best week of my mission.
Pouring our hearts out to the people, them pouring their hearts out to us, and the Holy Ghost filling us up. I'm just so speechless. My letters kinda may be boring because I really am just speechless. I've been so edified this week and it's just crazy. 
Also best thing ever.. Since we cover the whole valley we shimmied our way down to Sherman Oaks/North Hollywood area for BDUBS: AKA MY FAV PLACE EVER. Tender mercies from the Lord. 
Um ya that's pretty much it for now. I just love life so much and I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I'm really starting to figure it out. 
Also I've been re-studying all about the Tribes of Israel and there's a stellar talk by Elder Lawrence (from the 70)'s WIFE at a Zone Conference in Denver... READ IT EVERYONE. It's long but worth it. We are the elect. We are Christ's witnesses. 
Love you babes x2039842398 and hope your week rocks :)

xo, Sister D

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hi I'm getting transferred---

I bore my testimony yesterday and told everyone I was being transferred and there was a big gasp over the congregation and then our Bishop hugged me in front of everyone hahaha waaaaa, I'm going to miss this ward!!!! But it's okay because I am pretty much not even moving. I got called to be a Sister Training Leader in YSA (Young Single Adult) ward which covers the whole valley. And the apartment is literally right next to mine so wiiiiiiiiii, still going to cause havoc with Sister Morris as my neighbor :)) Except now I'm in a trio so pray for me. They're dope though. 
I hit my 1/2 way mark! See you in a quick 9 months!
This week was WILD. The end of the transfer is always all sorts of YOLO but even more so because Morrisy and I thought the Dream Team was going to disintegrate. So ya, we had all sorts of good times and man, I love these people. 
I was saying goodbye to everyone yesterday and my heart hurt because Gina came up to me after sacrament meeting and just started crying. I seriously love her so much. This woman has had the hardest few years of her life and we have cried together, laughed together, strengthened our testimonies together.. I just know she was why I was sent here.
I just can't accurately describe how special Northridge Ward is to me. There's nothing else like it. It's family here. I feel super blessed I get to still see these hooligans <3

But ya life is so so so good and the weather here is perfect right now and WOW things are gr8.
And best for last.....

Sister Dohner cheering on the Broncos!!
Love you babes! Have a splendid (virtuous) Valentines Day :)
--Sister Chels Dohner

Monday, February 1, 2016

Wowie, another week down I can hardly keep up.

Good week but pretty average. 
Transfer calls come on Saturday so wiiii-- two cheers for change! 
(Minus the fact that I love my comp and my area)

This week not much happened and I got Sis M sick so that was
the pits but she's alive so it's all good. 

Something that stuck out to me this past week was in my studies:
the story of the brother of Jared.
The brother of Jared and his peeps were good kids and highly favored.
The Lord talked to them and told them how to prepare and get ready
to sail to the promised land and also promised them that they would
be a strong nation. 
So the people went on their way and prepared as God told them to
but 4 years pass and finally Jesus is like, yo, Bro of Jared, why haven't
you called upon my name in so long?!
After Jesus chastises him for 3 HOURS, the bro of Jared repents and 
does all that he's commanded and acquires of the Lord continuously on how
to build and get his people across the waters safely. He shows amazing faith
by the way he asks and obeys and later is considered by the Lord to have the greatest faith
of anyone He has talked to. 

I just think it's important to recognize that even the greatest men in the scriptures
have messed up, but what makes them great men is they quickly repent,
experience the enabling power of the Atonement, and go and perform great miracles
in the name of God. We definitely all slip up and do stupid things, but God still sees
the greatest potential in us. Also it's a great lesson of the importance of prayer. The brother
of Jared was doing all he was commanded but forgot to involve the Lord in every
step of the way. I've been really trying to work on truly accounting to the Lord 
for the things I do and desire, and have a real conversation with Him. I think there's
significance in having a constant prayer in our hearts to draw us close to Him continually.

I hope this next week you all draw close to the Lord with your hearts and your lips and let yourselves listen to what He has to say back! 
I hope all is well in your lives and I hope you are all LOVING life :)

Stay classy babes! Until next time...
Love you more than hot tamales in popcorn,

Sis D :)