Monday, February 29, 2016

Wow guys.
 I'm seriously speechless because God is so good and I love so much being a missionary.
Every week I get around to writing these letters and as I reflect on my week, my heart literally feels heavy because the blessings and miracles and goodness is so great. We're teaching like mad and finding like mad and it's the most amazing thing because, I kid you not, every single time we teach someone, I learn something new about the gospel. I am edified every single time. My conversion deepens. It sounds a little weird, but it's the most powerful thing. 
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We were in a lesson the other day and the member with us bore testimony of the coolest thing. He said something like,
"Put aside the fact that God loves us. We know that. You know that. God loves us, ya. But for a moment consider the fact that God MISSES us."

That hit me way hard.

No wonder why he blesses us so much. No wonder why he wants us to pray to him daily. No wonder why He is so active in our every day lives.
It's a cool thing when all these things you've heard all your life actually become a reality in your life. I'm at that point. Things just make sense. 
I just love life so much and I love you guys so much :))))

Have the best week beauts!
xo, sista dohner

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