Monday, February 1, 2016

Wowie, another week down I can hardly keep up.

Good week but pretty average. 
Transfer calls come on Saturday so wiiii-- two cheers for change! 
(Minus the fact that I love my comp and my area)

This week not much happened and I got Sis M sick so that was
the pits but she's alive so it's all good. 

Something that stuck out to me this past week was in my studies:
the story of the brother of Jared.
The brother of Jared and his peeps were good kids and highly favored.
The Lord talked to them and told them how to prepare and get ready
to sail to the promised land and also promised them that they would
be a strong nation. 
So the people went on their way and prepared as God told them to
but 4 years pass and finally Jesus is like, yo, Bro of Jared, why haven't
you called upon my name in so long?!
After Jesus chastises him for 3 HOURS, the bro of Jared repents and 
does all that he's commanded and acquires of the Lord continuously on how
to build and get his people across the waters safely. He shows amazing faith
by the way he asks and obeys and later is considered by the Lord to have the greatest faith
of anyone He has talked to. 

I just think it's important to recognize that even the greatest men in the scriptures
have messed up, but what makes them great men is they quickly repent,
experience the enabling power of the Atonement, and go and perform great miracles
in the name of God. We definitely all slip up and do stupid things, but God still sees
the greatest potential in us. Also it's a great lesson of the importance of prayer. The brother
of Jared was doing all he was commanded but forgot to involve the Lord in every
step of the way. I've been really trying to work on truly accounting to the Lord 
for the things I do and desire, and have a real conversation with Him. I think there's
significance in having a constant prayer in our hearts to draw us close to Him continually.

I hope this next week you all draw close to the Lord with your hearts and your lips and let yourselves listen to what He has to say back! 
I hope all is well in your lives and I hope you are all LOVING life :)

Stay classy babes! Until next time...
Love you more than hot tamales in popcorn,

Sis D :)

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