Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey shnookums :)

Woof, these weeks are flyin'!
This week was mostly super, super good! YSA Ward is blowing up and it's so busy and super dank! :') Our investigators are doing AMAZING! Miracles!
One of our investigators is so cute and so cool. She's like our bff.
She waited for her boyfriend when he went on his mission and he's been back for two years now! She was hesitant to join the church because she didn't want to just join because of him. But she just started taking the lessons and we committed her to baptism for the middle of MARCH! AHHHH! Her testimony is seriously so strong already... she asks us advice on how to phrase things to teach her mom about the church haha. AH so great!
The Valley Girls
Also, D is doing so good! One of our new investigators came to church yesterday and D told him all about the church and bore his testimony to him and just was super real with him and it was so cute :') He's only been baptized for a week and he's already changing lives (and thinking about a mission).
Stake conference was this weekend. Yesterday one of the area 70's spoke to us about baseball so I'll share a little cuz who doesn't like baseball?
He talked about when he was little he saved up for a new mitt. He was super stoked and finally earned enough! He went to the store and was confused to find his new mitt was really stiff. He did the drill with putting oil on it, opening it and closing it, rubber-banding a tennis ball in it and sticking it under his mattress. He worked really hard to break it in so when he put his hand in it and wanted it to close, it would close. And when he wanted it to open, it would open.
He talked about when we have a "broken heart and a contrite spirit", our hearts are "broken in". We let the Lord slip into our broken-in hearts and whatever he intends us to do... we do it. We shouldn't be stiff. 

I know we'll only catch miracles if we open our hearts to the Lord and allow him to break us in. 
I seriously am SO happy and I don't think it's because God decided to all of a sudden bless me with a pile of blessings... I've come to realize it's just us RECOGNIZING the blessings that have been with us all along. God is so so good!
I hope you all have the best week ever :) xoxoxoxooxoxo

-Sis D

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