Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello world.
This week was.. (heart eye emoji)

SO GOOD. Transfers are on Wednesday so that means transfer calls were on Saturday. Such a scary day. We held our breath and avoided the phone like the plague. But low and behold we got a call. Luckily Sis. B and I are both staying in Stevenson Ranch :) and I finally hit my 12 week mark! 
But a slight catch, President called me and asked me to be the Sister Training Leader! Woof. I am so excited to serve and teach my Zone!
(Sister Training Leaders-STL's is pretty much like Zone Leaders but for sistas. So we go to meetings with President and then hold Zone Training Meetings with the Zone Leaders to teach and instruct our Zone! Zones are a compilation of a few Districts. There's about 5 English Zones in my mission.)
#pumped #scared

We had a great week! We will hopefully be holding a baptism on September 19th so pray for that! It's two little boys 9 and 11 :) and the older brother is 15 and is going to be baptized as well but he lives in the elder's area! 
But the coolest thing happened. So my comp and I were going to stop by our cute 76 year old investigator's home when we ran into a guy. He stopped us and remembered we talked to him before. He pretty much just laid out how he doesn't like how his life is and he really needs help. We taught him about baptism and when he gets baptized he will be washed of his sins and God will remember them no more. He was like.... wow okay that sounds good. So we're going to have a member pick him up for church next week and hopefully start teaching him this week :) Crazy how sometimes God just hands you people he has prepared, it's just up to us to listen to the spirit and recognize His hand.

Sis B and I randomly got slapped in the face with a cold this week. Being sick wrecks lives. But it's okay because we are almost all better. It was so funny though because we thought it was allergies at first so we took allergy medicine- the kind that makes you tired. We had to go knocking doors from 4-6 PM-- hahaha, I wish someone filmed us. We were slurring our words to everyone and just could not focus. Some guy just paused and laughed at us. Ya, we didn't get any new investigators that day. Haha but it was an interesting one. 

Yesterday we discussed "Having Good Intentions".  It is not enough to just have good intentions. But to ACT in faith and to accomplish much good with God on our right hand and a consistent prayer in our hearts. Something I've really thought about since I first became a Beehive was the division of religion vs our "normal" day lives. I've come to realize that there is not a division. This gospel of Jesus Christ IS our life. This is why we are here. Not to just have a good intention of doing good in this world but actually DOING IT. I have come to hate excuses. They're stupid. So just do good, be good, and don't justify your actions. I will be working on that as well. 

LOVE YOU SCOUNDRELS! I feel your prayers every single day and I love you for it. 
God bless.

-Your fav sister missionary

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hi lovelies!
Another day, another dawn. That is my life!
This mission is flying by. Transfers are next week already and
a bunch of my bff's are leaving me to go into the real world. 
Sad for them. My area in CA rocks!
This week was super bomb because Sis. B and I are working super
hard trying to flourish our area like crazy. Last week I had this 
vision of how the area needs to be and how to get there and 
we are super pumped to crack down and fulfill the Lord's promise.
Something I have been realizing is we are fully responsible for the 
salvation of the people in our area at this time. It is by God's timing 
that all things come to pass but our efforts have no excuses. We 
are not only responsible to bring non-members unto Christ but Less-actives,
Recent converts, and members as well. We are literally in charge of
reaching out and strengthening every single humans' relationship with
Christ in our area. That could sound overwhelming but man, I see such
incredible potential in this area and I'm excited to get the people there.

We have been teaching like mad and being led to so many sick people.
Yesterday we were at a stop light and there were some punk kids next to
us so we were like, hmmm they need Jesus. So we went on a
chase in our 2010 Toyota Corolla to catch up to their Mustang! Sis. B 
got out and ran up to them and gave them a Jesus card and told them that if 
they're cool they'll call us to learn more. No fear Ladies and Gents! Spread the 
good word everywhere. 
We're currently trying to convince Prez to let us go 
to Six Flags and contact on rollercoasters but idk we might just have to contact
with some otter pops outside of the park instead :/

"Peter walked on water until he remembered he didn't know how. "
Never lose sight of who is keeping you above water and never falter your faith.
When you start to sink, remember who you're following.
I love you all and I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read Romans 8:18, it's good.
Stay cute and eat your fruits and veggies.

Love, Sister "LongDohns" 
(my name out here lol)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Another week down! This week flew. 

We went on exchanges with the STL's after Zone Training Meeting on
Thursday and it was bomb. Sister Fausett came to my area: beautiful Stevenson
Ranch and we had a thrill of a time! Ran into a lot of potentials and had a really 
awesome lesson. We have an investigator that is struggling with bad spirits so
that's always a little shady but our lesson went incredibly well and I learned
a lot. Satan is so real wow. But God never leaves us comfortless. (If anyone 
is struggling with bad spirits, write me because I have some good things to say.)

Honestly, the beginning of the week was bad. It was hard. But the exchange turned
us around. Sister B and I had a good heart to heart and we are just so high on
life right now :) 
We found over 20 new investigators last month and they all disappeared... hahaha like no
joke. We can't find them. But we have tricks up our sleeves so hopefully I'll have some
good stories soon. 

(One Month Companions)
 Saturday was bomb. We practiced teaching a member family the Plan of 
Salvation after dinner on Saturday. It was super good and then turned into a deep
doctrine chat about the Plan and wow it was good. God is so merciful. Having the 
knowledge that God is in charge and He really has a plan for each and every one of 
us hits me good in the heart. When I first found out about Josh it hurt. It hurt really bad.
But not one second did I doubt God. We are not in charge. God's timing is perfect. 
He knew that was going to happen from the beginning. It was what was supposed to
happen and I find comfort in that.
 I know God prepares us for our trials. Some seem to
have "more" or "harder" trials than others but that doesn't mean God loves us any less
or that someone needs the Atonement more than anyone else. We all need the Atonement
equally. Christ didn't suffer for us in the mass; but He suffered for us individually. As if we
were the only man on earth. I truly believe that. 

I hope you all know that I have a tender testimony of Jesus Christ's Restored gospel on 
this earth. This is the key to happiness I promise you. God is good and Christ conquered 
death so we could make it home.

I love you all so dearly and I pray for you everyday.
Be Still and know He is God.

xo- Sister D :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Monday Funday!!!!!

This week was rad because we got a STEEZY BAPTEEZY!!!! Baptism on Saturday!!
Whoa man what a feeling. 
Our convert bore his testimony afterward as well and woof.  What a man!
There was a way good turn out including our bishop, stake president, mission president, and lots of missionaries and ward members! The spirit in that room was thick. 
Here are some pictures :)

Love you all and keep it frosty.
Write me!
Sister Dohner