Monday, August 10, 2015

Another week down! This week flew. 

We went on exchanges with the STL's after Zone Training Meeting on
Thursday and it was bomb. Sister Fausett came to my area: beautiful Stevenson
Ranch and we had a thrill of a time! Ran into a lot of potentials and had a really 
awesome lesson. We have an investigator that is struggling with bad spirits so
that's always a little shady but our lesson went incredibly well and I learned
a lot. Satan is so real wow. But God never leaves us comfortless. (If anyone 
is struggling with bad spirits, write me because I have some good things to say.)

Honestly, the beginning of the week was bad. It was hard. But the exchange turned
us around. Sister B and I had a good heart to heart and we are just so high on
life right now :) 
We found over 20 new investigators last month and they all disappeared... hahaha like no
joke. We can't find them. But we have tricks up our sleeves so hopefully I'll have some
good stories soon. 

(One Month Companions)
 Saturday was bomb. We practiced teaching a member family the Plan of 
Salvation after dinner on Saturday. It was super good and then turned into a deep
doctrine chat about the Plan and wow it was good. God is so merciful. Having the 
knowledge that God is in charge and He really has a plan for each and every one of 
us hits me good in the heart. When I first found out about Josh it hurt. It hurt really bad.
But not one second did I doubt God. We are not in charge. God's timing is perfect. 
He knew that was going to happen from the beginning. It was what was supposed to
happen and I find comfort in that.
 I know God prepares us for our trials. Some seem to
have "more" or "harder" trials than others but that doesn't mean God loves us any less
or that someone needs the Atonement more than anyone else. We all need the Atonement
equally. Christ didn't suffer for us in the mass; but He suffered for us individually. As if we
were the only man on earth. I truly believe that. 

I hope you all know that I have a tender testimony of Jesus Christ's Restored gospel on 
this earth. This is the key to happiness I promise you. God is good and Christ conquered 
death so we could make it home.

I love you all so dearly and I pray for you everyday.
Be Still and know He is God.

xo- Sister D :)

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