Monday, January 25, 2016

Hola! :)

Sooo you know when you swing through the drive thru because you're super hungry and you're just plowing down fries and you get sad when they're all gone but then you look in the bag and find a couple more?! 
Well, my week was a little like that.

Tuesday we had a nice long chat about how we can improve the mission and President H said something I loved. He said something like, "It's not about moving up or down, but moving FORWARD". Ya.

Wednesday was almost the best thing since sliced bread. Our mission got together and watched a worldwide broadcast for all full-time missionaries from the general authorities. As usual, lots of good things were said and felt but something that really stood out to me was how vital the spirit is.
Missionary Meeting
 We don't know exactly what people are going through; but the Lord does. We don't know exactly what they need to hear; but the Lord does. He speaks to us through the Holy Ghost to the people... we are just the mouthpiece. Something Elder Bednar said stood out: "Teaching is not talking. It is listening and observing." Hmm, good stuff.
The broadcast really re-boosted my soul, seeing my people re-boosted my heart, and to make things rock even more, that night we were visiting over at Gina's and her friend (that we know pretty well) finally said, "Sisters. I think I'm ready to take the lessons and be baptized."

*DROP THE MIC* <3 <3 <3 happiness.

Thursday was sub-par but we've been playing basketball in the mornings and also I don't suck at parallel parking anymore. 

Friday was fr3@k*ng awesome. 
Our investigator Rebecca had us over for dinner and her Armenian boyfriend was there. He's been on missionary radar forev but is hard to catch with his work schedule. But we're homies so we finally just asked him when we can start teaching him and holla for a dolla we taught him the first lesson the next morning :)
Rebecca's baptism date is postponed because the divorce won't be finalized in time but it got me thinking... maybe this is the way it's supposed to be. She and her fiance can get married and then baptized together. I sure do hope.

But all good things do come to an end here in probation. I got hit with a cold so I've been fighting that off.
But all-in-all I'm super happy and my heart is content.

Sorry for the massive email this week, it was just too good. 
But hey, stay cool babes.

Love you more than edamame!
xo, sis D 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello friends :)

It seems like the weeks are rolling in the blink of an eye!
Nothing super wild happened this week that stood 
out enough to mention, but I'm still loving my life out here
in the California sun and taking it all in! ;)
This is my Valley...

Some elders in our district had a baptism yesterday and 
it was pretty stellar! Our district and a few others in the 
Zone did the missionary moment. We taught the Restoration
by each having a part with piano playing in the background.
When it got to all of us girls, we sang the first verse (we
sounded hecka good if i say so myself), the elders sang 
the second, we hummed the third as someone
recited the First Vision and we all came together and sang
the fourth verse. It ended with an invitation to all to grab a hold
of the evidence of this message (aka the Book of Mormon) and 
do as Joseph did and pray.

It was so so so good. Lots of tears in the crowd and lots of 
investigators were there and it was soooo gooood :) 
Sushi Treat!

Also I'd just like to take a quick minute and give two shout outs.

- My girl Tayva (niece): HOLLA AT YOU ON YOUR BAPTISMAL 

-Snape: on a good, long life that you lived. RIP

Yo I love you all a whole lot! Stay cute!!
xo, sis d

Monday, January 11, 2016

Aye all!

This week flew but Wow, THE MIRACLES!
My Sisters
Here's a little piece of the mixtape to explain a day in the life:
They call me Cdrizzy.

     We be knockin' them doors from 4-6
Just tryna give them triggas their Jesus fix
Trudgin' up hills and gettin' scorns
But nothin' compared to the Crown of Thorns

We banged our knuckles on a big white door
A cute lady named Nancy was a big fat score
She'd mobbed in Temple Square and wanted more
We shared the Book of Mormon, now she's an investigator!

Next we met a woman named Rosey-Rose 
She told us she had be praying for us-- our hearts just froze
She invited us back to teach her family
So grateful she was, my heart left happily

Helping our neighbas remember that Christ is our light
It is what we do and man, it is tiiiiighhhhtttt

This week I made it a goal to share my Ponderize scripture
at least once every day. HOLY SMOKES THE POWER OF
Three new investigators popped out of the woodwork this week
from feeling the spirit that is in the pages of that book.
There is not one question in my mind that it truly is the word
of God and any man can know of the truthfulness of it and 
of the Prophet Joseph Smith by reading and praying about it.
I wish it didn't take me so long to finally realize this, but I'm
glad I finally did!!!
Bagels for Breakfast!

Hey have a swell week love birds and white wash  your
faces in the snow this week :')

Much love,
Sis D

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey loves, Happy New Year 2016!!!

New year, new transfer, new me :))))
I'm staying in Northridge with Sis. M and our new district is the realist! We're pretty stoked on life right now :)
Sister M and Sister D
This week was stellar. President Henrie is trying to merge Spanish and English more and more so our districts are de-segregated. I want to be Spanish work sooo bad so I'm thrilled.

Here's some random experiences this week: 
We didn't have a dinner one night so the Spanish elders invited us over to their member dinner with a bunch of other Spanish missionaries. The members spoke 0 English. It was great. But one of the punk elders kept telling them that I wanted more and more and more to eat. And I kept having to say no because I was going to explode! One of the few phrases I know is, Voy a engordarme -- which means I'm going to fatten myself hahah so it came in handy to stop the plethora of food and not offend anyone.

On new Year's Day,  Sis. M and I hit up a street where.. well we aren't supposed to go to because it has one of the biggest gangs in LA but we did anyway because there's a less active teen that lives there. We show up and there's this big fiesta on the streets with mariachi and people dancing with creepy masks and free tamales and carne! We were most definitely the only white people in a 5 mile radius, so we just ate up the attention. We went to get some comida and chillin' right next to us was a group of big hispanic dudes and one had a tattoo on his face.. hahaha ahhhh! I'm just this little white girl from Springville who has never been in the minority in her life and wow what a treat! Everyone loved us and we became homies with all the rough crowd of guys through their broken English and my Spanglish. Good times.

We ended the week with setting a baptismal date with Rebecca!! Her New Year's resolution was to be baptized so we are hoping and praying and fasting that her divorce finalizes this week. We'll plan her wedding, and get her to her baptismal date by the end of the month!! Woof.. lots of faith but we all feel real good about it. She's just so ready. So please pray for ma girl Rebecca!

Well this was long but I hope you all have a swell week and make every day count. 
I love you all one heck of a lot! Update me on your lives and send pix :)

xo, Sister Chels