Monday, January 11, 2016

Aye all!

This week flew but Wow, THE MIRACLES!
My Sisters
Here's a little piece of the mixtape to explain a day in the life:
They call me Cdrizzy.

     We be knockin' them doors from 4-6
Just tryna give them triggas their Jesus fix
Trudgin' up hills and gettin' scorns
But nothin' compared to the Crown of Thorns

We banged our knuckles on a big white door
A cute lady named Nancy was a big fat score
She'd mobbed in Temple Square and wanted more
We shared the Book of Mormon, now she's an investigator!

Next we met a woman named Rosey-Rose 
She told us she had be praying for us-- our hearts just froze
She invited us back to teach her family
So grateful she was, my heart left happily

Helping our neighbas remember that Christ is our light
It is what we do and man, it is tiiiiighhhhtttt

This week I made it a goal to share my Ponderize scripture
at least once every day. HOLY SMOKES THE POWER OF
Three new investigators popped out of the woodwork this week
from feeling the spirit that is in the pages of that book.
There is not one question in my mind that it truly is the word
of God and any man can know of the truthfulness of it and 
of the Prophet Joseph Smith by reading and praying about it.
I wish it didn't take me so long to finally realize this, but I'm
glad I finally did!!!
Bagels for Breakfast!

Hey have a swell week love birds and white wash  your
faces in the snow this week :')

Much love,
Sis D

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