Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey loves, Happy New Year 2016!!!

New year, new transfer, new me :))))
I'm staying in Northridge with Sis. M and our new district is the realist! We're pretty stoked on life right now :)
Sister M and Sister D
This week was stellar. President Henrie is trying to merge Spanish and English more and more so our districts are de-segregated. I want to be Spanish work sooo bad so I'm thrilled.

Here's some random experiences this week: 
We didn't have a dinner one night so the Spanish elders invited us over to their member dinner with a bunch of other Spanish missionaries. The members spoke 0 English. It was great. But one of the punk elders kept telling them that I wanted more and more and more to eat. And I kept having to say no because I was going to explode! One of the few phrases I know is, Voy a engordarme -- which means I'm going to fatten myself hahah so it came in handy to stop the plethora of food and not offend anyone.

On new Year's Day,  Sis. M and I hit up a street where.. well we aren't supposed to go to because it has one of the biggest gangs in LA but we did anyway because there's a less active teen that lives there. We show up and there's this big fiesta on the streets with mariachi and people dancing with creepy masks and free tamales and carne! We were most definitely the only white people in a 5 mile radius, so we just ate up the attention. We went to get some comida and chillin' right next to us was a group of big hispanic dudes and one had a tattoo on his face.. hahaha ahhhh! I'm just this little white girl from Springville who has never been in the minority in her life and wow what a treat! Everyone loved us and we became homies with all the rough crowd of guys through their broken English and my Spanglish. Good times.

We ended the week with setting a baptismal date with Rebecca!! Her New Year's resolution was to be baptized so we are hoping and praying and fasting that her divorce finalizes this week. We'll plan her wedding, and get her to her baptismal date by the end of the month!! Woof.. lots of faith but we all feel real good about it. She's just so ready. So please pray for ma girl Rebecca!

Well this was long but I hope you all have a swell week and make every day count. 
I love you all one heck of a lot! Update me on your lives and send pix :)

xo, Sister Chels

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