Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello friends :)

It seems like the weeks are rolling in the blink of an eye!
Nothing super wild happened this week that stood 
out enough to mention, but I'm still loving my life out here
in the California sun and taking it all in! ;)
This is my Valley...

Some elders in our district had a baptism yesterday and 
it was pretty stellar! Our district and a few others in the 
Zone did the missionary moment. We taught the Restoration
by each having a part with piano playing in the background.
When it got to all of us girls, we sang the first verse (we
sounded hecka good if i say so myself), the elders sang 
the second, we hummed the third as someone
recited the First Vision and we all came together and sang
the fourth verse. It ended with an invitation to all to grab a hold
of the evidence of this message (aka the Book of Mormon) and 
do as Joseph did and pray.

It was so so so good. Lots of tears in the crowd and lots of 
investigators were there and it was soooo gooood :) 
Sushi Treat!

Also I'd just like to take a quick minute and give two shout outs.

- My girl Tayva (niece): HOLLA AT YOU ON YOUR BAPTISMAL 

-Snape: on a good, long life that you lived. RIP

Yo I love you all a whole lot! Stay cute!!
xo, sis d

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