Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hi beauts!

Wow my heart is SO HAPPY!!!
I love the YSA Ward so much and I love the trio life! I snagged dibs on the back seat too, so I take the best naps-- wow life is good!
Triple Threat
 We cover the whole San Fernando Valley now so we are SO busy! It's so great because I just feel like I'm sharing my testimony with my best friends. Like I love these people so much already. They're my people!!! 
I jumped in at the right time to help finish teach and get together a baptism for a guy named D. HE IS SO COOL. I shouldn't pick favorites, but his baptism was the most spiritual one I've ever been to. Like I cried the whole time and I didn't even really teach him the whole time hahaha. This whole mission thing is making me so soft. 
A couple days before his baptism,  we met at McD's to read the Book of Mormon together and it was crazy because Satan is such a steeze and works so hard right before people get dunked. 
Right before the lesson this deaf Born Again came and it so happened that my companion Sis B is an ASL missionary, so he started bible bashing her in sign language-- haha. 
Then literally RIGHT after D said the closing prayer, a Jehovah's Witness approached him and gave him a pamphlet. He put it best: "This is exhausting" ...hahaha. But his baptism was SICK and his testimony was so so so good. The first thing he said was.. "Hi. I'm D. I just got baptized right then. That was me."   hahah.

We're teaching all sorts of less actives and recent converts and investigators and wowie, they're my homies. This has probably been the best week of my mission.
Pouring our hearts out to the people, them pouring their hearts out to us, and the Holy Ghost filling us up. I'm just so speechless. My letters kinda may be boring because I really am just speechless. I've been so edified this week and it's just crazy. 
Also best thing ever.. Since we cover the whole valley we shimmied our way down to Sherman Oaks/North Hollywood area for BDUBS: AKA MY FAV PLACE EVER. Tender mercies from the Lord. 
Um ya that's pretty much it for now. I just love life so much and I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I'm really starting to figure it out. 
Also I've been re-studying all about the Tribes of Israel and there's a stellar talk by Elder Lawrence (from the 70)'s WIFE at a Zone Conference in Denver... READ IT EVERYONE. It's long but worth it. We are the elect. We are Christ's witnesses. 
Love you babes x2039842398 and hope your week rocks :)

xo, Sister D

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