Monday, July 20, 2015


Well this week has been wild. 
Here in California, there is a massive drought but hold your breath because IT POURED THE PAST TWO DAYS!!!! Hopefully we'll continue to inspire the clouds to make it raiiinnnn.. ;)

Our new prez has the entire mission knocking 4-6 PM. Not before, not later. No exceptions. No appointments. No visiting potentials. Strictly knocking unknown doors. AND I LOVE IT!! Even in the rain. So so so many miracles come from it-- usually not until the last 20 minutes of knocking but I love that because it really teaches us to be patient and diligent and fully obedient. But the coolest thing about it all is in the rain last night, my 12-year-old boy side of me came out and I caught a baby frog! We named him Rubert. Me and my trainee are pretty tight. We were actually friends on insta before the mission, lol. Her name is Sister B and she's from Vernal Utah and ran track at UVU the past two years. She's super solid.
My new trainee/comp, Me and Sister M

K so three pretty cool things happened, be excited...
1. Pray for our homeboy Richy and his baptismal date for AUGUST 1st!!! This is a big thing because he has had all the lessons taught to him 4 times and has not ever committed to a date. His wife (for a year now!) is a rockstar member and has been working with the missionaries since 2013 to get Richard to feel ready to be baptized and THE LIGHT HAS COME! I am buzzing. So stoked for their family.
2. Met the cutest girl during "knockout". We taught her the whole restoration on her doorstep. We asked her to pray afterward and her prayer was seriously the most precious thing I've ever heard. She included a couple things like, "I hope these things are true", "please bless me in the future to know the truth", "please make the world a better place". The air density at that moment felt exponentially heavy from the spirit and all the angels surrounding us. Wow good times. She texted us yesterday though and said her mom got upset with her and won't let her meet with us but she said she REALLY wants to learn more about God so she asked us other ways she can learn about our gospel. Hopefully her mom's heart will soften. Pray for us!
3. We got our new investigator who was 'curious' to church and man he is solid! So curious and kept asking specific questions about how his life will be after he's baptized. My heart is so full.
I love you all and I hope you are feeling the blessings from me being out here because I sure am. I love it so much.

Life really is so great out here. Keep being cute and sending me pictures of your lives! 
Love you all so dearly!!

-Sister Dohner :)

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