Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy Monday beauts! :)

So there is this roller coaster in Disney World called Expedition Everest. It's one where you go up this steep hill slowly, like many do--building up anticipation, then it drops and you're going super fast and it's a thrill. Then when you start to think you're getting the hang of it, you're all of a sudden in a dark cave and a Yeti jumps out! Then the rest of the roller coaster you're going backwards, mostly in the dark. It's one of my favorite rides.
Well this roller coaster is a simile of my week:
A mission really is an interesting thing, and life is the same. Where we're on this ride that we were super excited to come on, even though we knew there would be sharp turns, unexpected drops, time in the dark going backwards, and a million emotions in between. 
Golfing on P-Day with ward members

California Wildfires

I want to include a couple conference quotes that really hit home for me this week:

"Some of you may at times have cried out in your suffering, wondering why our Heavenly Father would allow you to go through whatever trials you are facing...
"Our mortal life, however, was never meant to be easy or consistently pleasant. our Heavenly Father knows that we learn and grow and become refined through hard challenges, heartbreaking sorrows, and difficult choices, Each one of us experience dark days when our loved ones pass away, painful times when our health is lost, feelings of being forsaken when those we love seem to have abandoned us. These and other trials present us with the real test of our ability to endure." -Thomas S. Monson

"In reality, the best way to help those we love- the best way to love them- is to continue to put the Savior first." -D. Todd Christofferson

I add my testimony to these wonderful men that God knows what He's doing. He lives, He is aware of us, and He has provided a way for us to never feel alone through our Savior, Jesus Christ. God's plan is perfect.

I love you humans x32532
Xo, Sis. Chels D.

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