Monday, June 27, 2016

HELLO beautiful people, it's me, still a missionary out here in California!

First week out here in Studio City/North Hollywood aka city of broken dreams.
It's a whole new world out here. Our area consists of places like Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Panasonic, Comcast, Universal Studios, mingled with too many freeways, millions of people, patches of suburb, the hills with tons of celebs, producers, directors, and other people trying to make it big. I've never had so many doors slammed in my face, yet my heart has never been so happy.
Lol we met a girl at church who said she's studying to be a director and then followed by saying, "Ya, so I'll be a waitress" hahaha true.

Our apartment is literally 5 minutes away from Universal and my heart gets happy and cries every time I see Harry Potter World :(

My new companion, Sister Ipson

We got fruit from a celeb!

My Trainer, Sis Maxfield, is heading home

Street Art

So close. See you next year, Harry.
 But it's all good.
Sis Ipson and I are white washing this area and it's buck wild crazy fun times! We are seriously having so much fun and are so excited to rebuild this area and get it hoppin'! Plus our zone has like 70% of my fav people in the mish so it'll be some good times for sure :) Also our ward is super funny and super crazy hahah but we love them a lot.

We spent a lot of time this week running around getting to know members and less actives and knocking a lot in the hills trying to hunt down Steve Correll and Ryan Gosling... Instead we found the Producer of Avatar's brother that is the big deal of E-Cigs (super cool dude that gave us fruit) and the daughter of Luis Zamperini (Olympic runner and inspiration of the book/movie "Unbroken"). Stay tuned though, we'll work hard on them! 

I think the biggest highlight of my week was my studies though. They have been straight fire. I won't get on a soapbox and preach but wowie the gospel is truuuuuueeeeeeee! Keep reading your scrippy's and having sincere prayer! I love you all so so so so much!!!
-sis d

be you, be true.

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