Monday, June 20, 2016

Hello mi familia y amigos :)

This week was seriously so sublime I think my heart melted like 20384023 times.
LA TEMPLE trip this week!

Overlooking Malibu California

TRANSFERS--bye Sis Bullock!

Granola Girl
So long, Farewell Northridge

So many crazy miracles teaching the best people ever. A very successful week of the spirit touching hearts, mostly mine. 
We went to the LA Temple and I mostly want to talk about that. 
Half of the mission was there and I love those people more than most things and there is no better feeling than being in the celestial room with people that mean so much to you.
With Josh's passing a little over a year ago and Grandpa Crew and Grandpa John's passing a few weeks ago, my heart was ready to be filled by the spirit within the walls of the Lord's house.
When we were walking in the temple doors, I flashed back to about 13 years ago. My mom was telling me a bunch of things she loved about my Grandpa Dohner. She told me that he loved hummingbirds and every time she saw one, she felt like he was there with her. Right then a hummingbird flew by and I immediately was filled with so much love.
Something I have been thinking a lot about this week is family. And something I have been really studying is the Atonement and God's plan.
...I am trying to put my feelings into words but I just cannot because no words can describe the sanctity of those topics. 

Before my mission, being married in the temple and having a family was definitely something I desired, but it definitely was beneath my list of selfish desires. The more I understand God's plan and the reality of it all, I have come to understand why Eternal families are so sacred. THEY ARE EVERYTHING! 
I am getting transferred and my heart is torn because I love YSA but I am so happy to be with families again and be in the midst of families centered on Christ. (And home cooked meals😊)

DIOS ES AMOR!!! And I love you all to pieces!!
Stay cute and fresh!
xoxo, Hermana Dohner

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