Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey loves :,)
This week was nutso crazy good with many many miracles!
We are teaching a couple really stellar people but we really have been trying to find more people to teach. Last Sunday we fasted to find those sifted throughout the valley that the Lord has prepared. FASTING AND PRAYER IS SO REAL. 
Pro Chefs

Weekly Service

One of the highlights was this dude that literally JUST moved here from Texas this week. He was walking 6 miles away from his house because he got lost, and ran into some sisters (my bb Sis.Beddes). He came to church with us yesterday and was introducing himself during class and said: "I ran into the sisters on the street and it changed my life". Then we had another lesson with him last night and I asked him what it meant to him to know God is his loving Heavenly Father and he said, "In a nutshell, it feels like I'm coming home." AHHHHH SOOOO COOOL!!!
I literally feel like my heart is physically melting. These people make my heart drip with joy and gratitude.

And I love you all!!! Have the best week and pray your little hearts out <3
xoxoxoxoo Sister Dohner

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