Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hello lovelies!
Things are freaky fresh here in the CA.
I don't have much time but quick shoutout to America. I hope you all had an enjoyable time at BBQ's and fireworks and walking around looking like an American flag.
Sister Dohner and Sister Ipson

Happy 4th of July

A Celeb House!

The work here is pretty slow pace right now but we're building it up and seeing God's hand every day. Our one investigator (super sick dude) wanted us to give him a S/O in our emails hahah--so this one is for you Derek.

This week I learned a lot about how important it is to have a grateful heart. And instead of being grateful for things, being grateful in no matter what circumstances we may be in. I think WHERE you are doesn't matter nearly as much as WHO you are, so keep being the cute people you are and let the atonement sanctify your minds and hearts.
I love you all almost as much as cookie butter ice cream!! :)
xo, sista c-drizzy

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