Monday, July 18, 2016

Life never ceases to be a roller coaster, but this week ended up sublime.
Just Looking--Universal Main Street Harry Potter

Sweet Treats!

Universal Main Street Shops
Something that I absolutely love about being a full-time missionary is that it allows intimate conversations with complete strangers, that probably wouldn't happen otherwise. We get a little glimpse into these people's hearts. We get to see the uniqueness in their soul. We get to feel a particle of the love God has for who they truly are (the way they think, perspective, what pains them, how they've struggled and how they conquered that struggle, their talents, their current state of character as well as who they can become, their passions, what hurts them, what God means to them and what experiences they went through to be at that state, when things get tough what they turn to for solace, their dreams and what's holding them back from achieving those, what barrier they think they have to burst through to be truly happy).
People are fascinating. And California is filled with some of the most diverse.
We meet all these people in passing from day to day. We connect with the commonalities of life's hardships. We try to go where they are and draw them nearer to the original message in heaven they jumped for joy to follow.
Life takes us places and we geographically separate but I just pray with my whole heart that these soul driven conversations make a difference.

There's a talk called "What if love were our only motive?" by Russell T. Osguthorpe that's real good but I like this particular quote:
"We are either giving life or taking life from each other as we move forward on our way. Harsh words take life away from the one who receives them and even from the one who utters them. But words spoken in love GIVE LIFE."

I also love the members of this ward SO much. I've never connected with the souls of so many so quickly. These people's characters are phenomenal. They bring out the good in me. My heart is just so grateful.

I love you all so dearly and I hope you know you always have a friend in me.
Have the sickest week and..

xoxoxox, sista dohner 

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