Monday, May 2, 2016

Yeet yeet, another day another dolla!

This week was super! 
We hit up the Visitor Center all day Friday to do two tours with two of our investigators! It was so so so good! I love them so much. C will be baptized this coming weekend! So get excited to hear about it next week! 
LA Temple Visitor Center

Saturday we were banging down doors from 4-6 like we do and we came to this door with a religious medal by his door. Hahaha...this man answers with a straight up Dracula accent. I don't know what country that is but yes, Dracula. He really wasn't thrilled to see us and says with his thick accent: "Why are you here? Why are you knocking my door that way? I don't want you here." and I said: "Do you know who we are?" man: "No, and I don't care. Go away!" Then he continues to slam the door in our face and then behind the closed door he mutters: "Idiots". hahaha, it was really funny but sad. 
Missionary work is sad sometimes. Not because people slam their doors in our faces. Not because we are rejected and hated. But because people are hurting and we have the knowledge that will heal them, but they won't listen with their hearts.
But then those people enter into our lives that make it all worth it.
That night, we met with the Pacoima boys and AH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH MY HEART COULD EXPLODE. We haven't seen them in months and finally we ran into them and scheduled a time to swing by and read the Book of Mormon. We asked them if they had any questions lately that we can read to find answers to in the Book of Mormon. Ch answered and was like, "You know what, I do. Do we ever get a break? I just feel like it's one thing after another... are we just supposed to suffer or is there an end to all these hard times?"
AH. My heart.
So we decided to read Alma 26. We went around and read a couple verses then talked about it and had the best discussion. Wow these boys just make me want to give them everything I have. They're just a couple kids from the projects of Pacoima that are trying to make a future for themselves. They have such a great desire to do better and be better and be someone.

I just feel so so lucky that God trusts these people in my hands. If there is one thing I am learning more and more it's how much God loves his children. How great God's love is and how mindful he is of each of us individually. I think a lot of times we reject that love and then we get to a point where we desire that love more than anything and wonder where we went wrong.
It's easy to say we love him and follow him when times are good, but in the onslaught of troubles, is that convenient, lazy faith enough?
C.S. Lewis: "It is easy to say you believe a rope to be strong and sound as long as you are merely using it to tie a box. But suppose you had to hang by that rope over a precipice. Would you then first discover how much you really trusted it?.. only a real risk tests the reality of a belief."

Let us not wait for a tragedy to look for God.
LOVE YOU BABES hope your week is hecka. And Happy Mother's Day to all you baby mommas. You rock our worlds.

xo, sis chels d

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