Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey beauts! It was a roller coaster kind of week, but good nonetheless!

Something that I am becoming more and more grateful for is the little miracles God puts in my life remind me He is there. We picked up this new investigator that I love SO MUCH. Wow he's the truest. My homeboys Elder Jensen and Horito were teaching him and then he moved so they handed him off to us. He is a wild guy hahah uh ya but it's the coolest thing to see the gospel soften the hardest of hearts and the toughest people. When we were in the lesson with him, he pulled out the Book of Mormon from his backpack and shared with us a scripture and why he liked it. hahah He's the best.

I love it so much out here and I love MY PEOPLE!! :,)
It's nuts I've been out here for a year now. I really can't believe it!
ONE YEAR celebration! The missionaries left little post it notes with all nice things about me to read!

Surprise Breakfast for my ONE YEAR

Awesome Package from the Fam
 But wow I am so grateful for this time I have had and for the outrageous things God has instilled in my heart. The other day I listened to a CD that I listened to a ton my first 12 weeks as a missionary. Mad TBT to Stevenson Ranch and the sick memories and stellar feelings there :,) But beyond all I am so satisfied. 
I have had so many struggles, I've messed up, and I still have a while to work on A LOT of things, but I have really come to know that God has provided the perfect mission for me. All of this has been what I needed, and will continue to be what I need. That's life.

I hope you all know that you are LOVED by me and more importantly, Heavenly Father. Open your eyes to the miracles!! They are there.

Stay freaky fresh and keep reading your scrippy's and praying :)
xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, sis d

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