Monday, May 9, 2016

Hi cute people!!!

I don't have much to say because I am still on Cloud 9 from yesterday talking to the fam :')
Mother's Day SKYPE

This week was really good though, like usual. C got baptized and wow the spirit was so dense in the room. She bore her testimony after and I wish I could have recorded it because it was so strong. This gospel is so true and it changes hearts every single day. I feel incredibly lucky to have it in my life and share it with others.

I don't feel like I deserve the blessings of having my mom and other mothers around me throughout my life. They truly are a blessing from God. So hug your moms so tight and treat them right all throughout the year!!! That is one thing the mission is doing to me... making me SO SOFT. Marriage and families and babies just get me right in the heart. So mini shout out to my fam, you rock my life!

We love Korean BBQ!! Our Last Meal--Sis B is transferring
Sister B is transferring but my zone is stellar and everything is super good :)
Stay cute and keep the gospel close. 
Have the best week stellar humans and always remember to be happy now.
xoxoxox, sis d

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