Monday, May 16, 2016

Hellos & Goodbyes.

Sup fam~ it was transfer week! Sad to have the two man band break up, but change is lyfe and I'm stoked for what the Lord has in store!
This week was pretty low key lesson wise due to everyone cancelling because they have to "study for finals".
But Sister Bullock and I still had one heck of a time. Our zone and district are stacked! So the next 6 weeks are going to be buck wild and filled with crazy miracles!
Good bye to Sister B! 

My new companion--Sister Bullock

I want to share a little tender mercy of the week.
A year ago Saturday (May 14th) is a tender day so I knew this week was going to be difficult. I prayed all week that the Holy Ghost would help me and the fam out and that I'd stay busy. Well on Friday we had a lesson with a fellow named Edward. We found him knocking. His eyes were sad, his spirit was low, and he told us he lost his brother a month ago. He said he has a lot of questions and he's scared. As he told us all about his brother and how they used to go on drives and blast music and dance, I couldn't help but think of Josh. All the good times, all the laughs, all the bumpin' music and random bursts of dance moves.

I didn't share with Edward how or why I knew the similar feelings, but he knew. We talked about God's plan for us and watched the mormon message: Mountains to Climb ( The spirit was so incredibly strong on that doorstep, there is no way any of us could deny the immense amount of love God sent in that moment. I think sometimes we go through things to help other people but sometimes we go through things in order to humble ourselves enough to be helped.
I truly know that God is on my right hand and on my left and his spirit is in my heart and his angels round about me to bear me up.

One thing that I am completely sure about is that God is fully mindful of each and every one of us. There is not one doubt in my mind that anything we go through in this life isn't something we cannot handle, there is nothing God will not help us with, and does not contribute to our eternal quest in progression. God's plan is perfect and I'm 100% confident that we can do absolutely anything with the Lord. I'm grateful for the Fall of Adam and Eve and I'm grateful for physical death to enable us to move forward in God's magnificent plan to return back to Him.

I want you all to know that I love God with my whole heart and I love you all so deeply.
Stay gucci and keep your testimonies fre$h.
 OH PS I hit my year mark this week so if you're feeling extra generous, I wouldn't mind a surprise in the mail :) but please hold back on the sweets...

xo, sista d :)

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