Monday, October 31, 2016

Hey hey,

Happy Halloween!!! :)
Life is so good over here in Reseda California! This transfer couldn't have started off any better. I am companions with Sister Hoffman... man, I love that girl. We were in the MTC together and we've been dying to be comps since. So we started our missions together and now we get to end together :,) #abundantlyblessed
Reseda is a trip. I spent a little time over here in YSA. The Relief Society President's son's girlfriend (if you can follow along there) was one of my investigators and best friend in YSA so I got to see her at the ward Halloween party-- it was a real treat :)
But ya Reseda... for any of you Karate Kid lovers-- it's kind of a little ghetto... I love it!!
This week we saw so many miracles and met so many amazing people. We're kind of the Dream Team.
But I actually don't have much time or many words to describe my life right now. It's just so indescribably good and I feel so indescribably blessed. 
 So we are teaching this incredibly sweet woman named Jackie. She is in her 70's and she broke her hip not that long ago so she's just super fragile. She has so much faith though ahhhh she makes my heart SWELL. Like just one of those people where you leave and you could pass out you are just filled with so much love for her.
She just started getting taught and hadn't come to church yet because of her hip issues but we were in a lesson with her on Thursday and in her prayer she said, "Snow, rain or fire.. please help me get to church on Sunday Lord!"
She woke up 3 hours before church so she could get ready on time for a member to pick her up and wheeled her into church.
When she got into the chapel, tears were streaming down her face with such gratitude. She said she was in so much pain but she knew Jesus gave her strength to be there.  AH I LOVE HER.
Sister Bosshardt is headed home!

Studio City Fond Farewell

They gave Sister Brown and I a Farewell!

Love these kids!

My First Companion and My Last Companion!

Plus, ITS HALLOWEEN WAHOO! I hope you all eat too much candy and scare lots of little kids cuz you already know that's what I'll be doing :,)
Tonight is the missionary pumpkin carving contest and Halloween party so wahoo swag, watch out cuz we get wild. .....

Love you all more than candy corns :)

Sister Dohner

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