Monday, October 24, 2016


Hey family, friends, and fans :)
So this week was super fantastically amazing! Well, until my heart got ripped out of my chest.
The Dodgers lost and I am being transferred!
What a terrible combination.

Exchange Day

Last time with this view

Famous cupcake shop in Beverly Hills CA

Love all these palm trees
But I'll wind back a little to the good things of the week because... optimism.
So last Sunday was Elder Anderson's last Sunday on the mish.
He was with his investigator and some members came up to tell him goodbye and then his investigator was like... "Wait, you're leaving?? I wanted you to baptize me!" He was to leave Saturday morning,so they scheduled the baptism for Friday night.
We went, and our Iranian investigator came.
Man, the air was THICK in that room-- the Spirit was so strong. After the baptism, a bunch of us missionaries did a cool restoration musical number and one of the elders bore strong testimony of the Book of Mormon at the end. There were no dry eyes. Our investigator felt the Spirit for sure.

Our investigator
The next morning we went to the temple visitor center with him and one of my fav young families in the ward. We focused our tour a lot on celestial marriage and Christ-centered families. Armin wants a Mormon family more than anything else.
He texted us that night and said, (since he committed himself to stop drinking and clubbing) "My weekend style: Bible and Book of Mormon reading"
Hahahah. We Mormons sure are WILD! Our next step is to get him some additional FUN weekend plans :)
I'm going to miss that guy.
Sunday was super bitter sweet. They asked us to give a little farewell testimonies. I cried. These people have become my world.
We're shared successes and failures, joys and tears, hopes and dreams, current struggles,we've prayed together, deep chatted together, ate LOTS of food together, and most importantly, grown closer to God together.

Shaving coconut like a true Native

Authentic Lu pulu

I feel very blessed.
Though it's hard to say goodbye, I'm very excited for my last area, last companion, and last 6 weeks. I feel my work isn't quite finished out here, so I'm excited to hit the ground runnin' and discover God's next new adventure for me.
I feel like the luckiest little girl in the world!
You all are so deeply rooted in my heart. Love you more than words can say :)
An emotional Sister Dohner

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