Monday, October 17, 2016

Hey Sunshineee!

Happy Monday people.
This week was a blur-- for two reasons. It went by incredibly quick but also because I can't really remember much of what happened. Ha. I'm in a time warp, I'm convinced.
Sister Brown and Sister Dohner--last week together

But the highlight was definitely meeting with our Iranian investigator. He's a neat one.
His soul is so eager to remember these things-- we meet with him every other day.
And on Saturday he sent us texts like this:

A: I would say I've got really closer to your ideas.
Us: What do you mean?
A: I feel I am going to be closer to Mormon, I think you say the truth.
Us: Wow, that's awesome! So what made you think that we say the truth?
A: I prayed and read Joseph Smith's testimony

... :,) There ya have it boys and girls. The primary answers-- READ AND PRAY, and your fears will fade.
It is so true it almost hurts.

This part of a hymn really hit me yesterday...
"Eyes that are wet now, ere long will be tear less, Blessings await you in doing what's right"

As I look at my life in retrospect, there's been some tears and sorrow and pain but a good majority of that has been a result of me thinking I can do this whole mortal thing on my own.
It makes life so much harder. It brings more tears. It really is in the gospel that we find the peace and purpose and joy we are all searching for. 
I think we all, from time to time, go searching elsewhere for contentment but in reality, lasting happiness does not exist outside of our covenants.
And when we mess up, the great thing is, God's hands are ALWAYS stretched out and blessings await us when we do what is right.
This stuff right here is genuine and authentic, so don't brush it off :,)

I love you all so dearly. Stay siiiick.
Love, Sister Dohner

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