Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hello hooligans!
This past week was a TRIP.

Flash back to almost precisely a year ago... me, Sister Beddes, and a couple elders were up in Stevenson Ranch teaching Greg.
After the first couple lessons, he knew. I still remember what he said as if it were yesterday:
"I want to be baptized as soon as I can. I've spent 50 years of my life without this knowledge and I don't want to go another day.."
So we would teach him 4 lessons in one sitting, haha. Since then, he had a year countdown for the day he could enter the temple... and it happened!!! :)
Now he has the Melchizedek priesthood, married a member, and teaches the CTR 4 year olds!

Miracle round two...
We got a member referral through the system, and it included the # for the member so we called her. She told us this referral was praying for spiritual guidance, and he was on Facebook and felt impressed to add her. He told her there was something different in her countenance and asked what it was. She continued to tell him it's her religion... "I'm Mormon". And so they chatted back and forth talking all about what we believe even down to Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. But she lives in Utah, so she asked if she could send the missionaries and he said yes.
So we went over that day.

He told us all about life in Iran and his journey to America and journey in finding Jesus (only 9 months ago). He said, "In Iran I had everything. Beautiful penthouse in the nicest part of the city. All the cars. Parties every night. I had everything... but inside, I felt like I had nothing."
He searched for happiness and couldn't find it.... until he prayed and had a dream. A special dream with Jesus Christ. And then he knew Jesus Christ was more than just a man.
The next day he got a call for his green card.
At the end of that lesson, he asked us how often we could meet with him, so we've met every day since.
This man is a seeker. In nine months he's read the Bible in Parsee 5+ times.
He literally wants NOTHING MORE than to follow Jesus Christ and "receive salvation". He's told us over and over again-- "This is the most important thing for me right now".

And I've been thinking about that.. Is coming nearer to Jesus Christ and working towards my exaltation the most important thing for me?

When does that priority get foggy?
When do we lose that awe?

It's a funny thing because I came out here thinking I'd be teaching people... but they teach me a whole lot more. I want to wind back and really remember and relive the times I first received parts of my testimony. See things in a different way. Always be in awe for the little gospel treasures.
Uchtdorf's recent talk "O How Great the Plan of Our God" and Gerald Causse's old talk "Is it Still Wonderful to You?" have really hit me to the core.
"Amazement causes spiritual strength"

Is this gospel still wonderful to you?

I just feel overwhelmingly blessed. I've spent a lot of time reflecting and I HONESTLY feel like I am the luckiest person in the whole world. Beyond blessed.
And most of those feelings come from how lucky I got to have the best friends and family.. So thanks for being fresh and fly and incredible :,)
Stay Wonderful.

Love,  sis d
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