Monday, November 7, 2016

Another sublime seven days out here in So Cal :)
Friends Forever

You know, I thought by the end of my mission I would be quick at speech and have prophetic things to say and it would be easy for me in that way.. but I feel like I've gotten more and more speechless. More and more tongue tied. Because these things I've seen and felt just cannot be accurately put into words.

I'll try to explain a piece of one of the most magnificent days of my mission thus far... 
So we were walking through a run down part of town, trying to look for this really less-active member and her family. We didn't have an apartment number for her but we really felt like we needed to find her.
So we walked around and then this little 14 year old walked out and it turned out to be her son! They were on their way out but they told us to come back in a few hours. So we did.
She got baptized in Guatemala when she was a teenager but her husband and her 6 boys aren't baptized. We sat down with her and asked her about her baptism and then she stopped and got all her boys to come in and listen to us.
AH I wish I could have recorded what they said and bottled up these emotions and thoughts!!
The 11 year old boy had the most profound questions, I was blown away. Then he asked us to teach him more about "Joseph Smith and the plates". In the midst of the lesson, we stopped and asked them how they felt. He said, "I feel like Jesus Christ is with us. I don't know if he's here in this room, or up there... but I feel like he is here with us."
At the end, he volunteered to say the prayer and said: "We learned today that God is always with us.. we hope that we will be ready for our baptism Dec. 3rd and hope we can come talk to you tomorrow at 9:30am...." 
There was more but that's all I can remember because my brain almost exploded from an overflow of incredible gratitude for God letting me see for a second the things He sees in them. To let me feel for a second a fraction of the love He feels for them.

I feel so blessed I can hardly breathe.
Sister Dohner
Utah State!!

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