Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!! Oh, how I am grateful4u :,)
My thanksgiving...

Best Thanksgiving! Family from Italy
Happy Turkey Day

We literally ate all day long. From 11am-9pm our only appointments were food appointments.
 But the company was stellar so 10/10 would do it again.

This week was the most stressful week of my mission thus far. Haha, mostly in a good way, but I don't even know where to start. You know that feeling you get after you watch an episode of Dance Moms and you just walk away shaking your head with damaged brain cells and exhausted from all the unorganization? I guess that's a bit of how I feel.
But, living the dream because miracles are so abundant!

The MVP's of this week were the Caliz boys. Man, I love those little monsters. 
The 11 year old is mostly the ring leader who keeps his commitments and doesn't miss church. I'm probably not allowed to have favorites but... he's super fired up and teaches all the neighborhood kids about what he's learning from us :,) So our lessons are mostly riling up a band of little boys under the age of 16 to answer their questions and teach them more about God's plan for us. I feel like my heart is going to blow up every time out of immense love.
Taking the boys to LA Temple grounds

I love this band of boys!

We gave the boys a bunch of candy and said, "Having you at church was super dandy, now enjoy this yummy candy!" hahah and they gave this to us.

You know, this whole reaching the end of my mission has got me feeling some type of way. 
My emotions are like a 14 year old girls. Yesterday when we were driving in the car, Hoffy asked me, "What's the biggest thing on your mind?" and I thought for a sec, to put it to words, and pretty much...
1. How are we going to get everything done in one week?
2. Am I really going home?
3. How am I going to do my hair?
Lul. But for real. Bittersweet is an understatement.
A large piece of my heart will always remain here in San Fernando California. 
Here is where I've seen the Savior. 
Where I've seen his gentle touch change many hearts and dramatically change mine.
I just feel extraordinarily blessed and monumentally grateful!

Know I love you even more than apple cinnamon candles.
Xo, Sister Chels D

 Watch this video to catch some of the Light of Christmas!

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