Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey what's good my people?
It feels like this week almost didn't happen it went by so fast, but it was sooo good!!!

We aren't teaching mass loads of people right now so that's a little rocky but we have two super solid gals getting ready to be baptized pretty soon! But other than that, we're pretty much taking the town by storm and just tryna give people Jesus! 
A few days ago we were in Knockout (knocking door to door from  4-6 PM 'eryday) and we ran into this old man that was trying to bash us but really didn't know what he was talking about. Usually I get out of bashes pretty quick but there was something about this guy that made me want to stay. So we stayed. And just listened. He went on for a while and I paused him and just told him to listen to me and I bore my testimony. I kind of felt like I was casting pearls before swine because he really didn't listen, so we started walking backwards trying to leave. He looked at me deeply in the eyes and just said, "I am a miserable man" and started sobbing. And he told us that his wife died 6 years ago and how he cries everyday because of it. Holy smokes guys my heart broke into 3043534 pieces because I could seriously feel the misery of this man. I had the knowledge of the only thing that could heal him, and he would not soften his heart to listen.
The next day we ran into a woman the same time of day that cried to us too due to her sorrows in life. We had a nice conversation with her and I truly felt like we had been long time friends. Sis S and I both bore our hearts to her and I seriously started tearing up when I was talking to her because the spirit was so strong. But yet, her heart was too raw from her hardships to let herself be healed. 
These two people really made my heart hurt but caused me to ponder...
Why is it so hard for us to let ourselves be happy? To let the pride of our hearts hold us back from moving forward? To let the Atoning blood of Christ heal us?
Why is having faith in someone that can literally wash away our pain so hard for us? 
It helped me see the significance of understanding and living according to the will of the Father. It helped me reflect on the immense amount of blessings I have received with the knowledge of the gospel and the fruits of that knowledge. It helped me feel an ounce of what Alma and the Sons of Mosiah felt when their hearts broke for their brethren. I got a taste of why they gave up everything to go and to preach to the sorrowed hearts of the people that dwindled in disbelief because they knew the souls of the Lamanites were precious.
Missionary work breaks my heart in half but it's also the greatest joy in the world.

Jesus is good people. He is the only way. 
I love you all almost as much as Joe Banditos chips and salsa!

Love, Sis CZ Dohner

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