Monday, November 30, 2015

This week was just TERRIFIC. Seriously one of the best thus far!! 
I wish I could just gather this week of memories and feelings together and throw them in Dumbledore's bowl of memories so I could go back and relive it whenever but I guess I'll just mention a couple of the highlights for y'all: 

First things first, Thanksgiving ROCKED my world. We had district brunch then headed over to Bishops for lunch which was chill! After Bishops, we went over to the Bustos (family that got baptized last week) to help them put up Christmas and OH MY HEAVENS I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
We listened to Christmas music and it took THREE HOURS to put up their tree because hecka ornaments but wow I know what my plan B can be for a career. Best looking Christmas tree south of Santa's lair, for sure. And then we had Thanksgiving dinner over there with all their family. AHH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I seriously feel like they are family. Dinner was fabulous. Their family aren't members so they asked some questions and we had some great conversations with them. They are Columbian so I pulled some Spanish like, "voy a engordarme!!!!" and told a couple jokes in Spanish and they all laughed it was a good time. Nights like this make everything worth it. 
Putting up the Bustos Tree 2015

Also, my homegirl GINA!!! Holy smokes I love this woman. Recent convert of about 1 1/2 years. Her daughter OD-ed about 2 years ago and she has just been a mess. When I got here she was super less active--the missionaries before didn't even know what she looked like. But we lucked out my first week and snuck a lesson with her. We just clicked and we have had weekly meetings with her and she has come to church every week since. But listen here, this week SHE GOT HER TEMPLE RECOMMEND!!!!!
She wants me to escort her when she gets her endowments and wants to do her daughter's work soon as well. Ugh so much happiness!

There's no other way I can explain it, but that my heart physically hurts. It hurts a good hurt.
I don't know why God has blessed me with so much but I am sincerely soo grateful. 
Thank you all for all you have done for me and continue to do. I really don't feel worthy of all of this love. 
Have the greatest week ever everyone! And check out the new Christmas video!! #ASaviorIsBorn

In the words of Usher: "Peace out A down" (S/O to Tayva)

---Sis Chelsea Donner

PS my b-day is December 18th,  cough cough 

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