Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey there!

So this week was superrrrr good! 
Transfers were Tuesday so I got my new comp, Sister M, and I love her so much! Wowie, we are the dream team. She's from Kentucky and has been out a little over a year.
Transfer meeting is always a good time seeing my people. Afterward we had to run all the way back to the apartment in the other valley and grab something for a departing missionary and bring it to the mission home. Which was dope because we got to spend the night dining with Pres and living high lives-- because we are his favorites :)  

The work is actually picking up! A less active that I love so much (she is pretty much reactivated because she has come every week since I've been here) introduced us to one of her non-member friends and we are going to teach him and baptize him and he's going to make us ribs in the meantime so, win-win. But seriously he's super solid. He is a former investigator actually but said he'd love to sit in on the lessons again and we clicked because we both love BBQ and snowboarding, so wahoo, cross your fingers.
We also found a new investigator family that is so prepared I could scream. They are former investigators as well and the dad is like 7ft tall so that's cool in itself. We stopped by and shared a little nugget of how families can be together forever and he was like whoa okay ya come teach us; so that was neat. 
Oh and another person I love so much is this homeless guy named Bill. He always chills on this bench and we're homies, so we go and teach him when we have extra time and man, he is a miserable human. It makes my heart hurt so bad but I want to continue to teach him and bring hope back into his life. 

Yesterday was the Bustos baptism!! They are a family in our ward that the elders have been teaching and we love so much. The service yesterday was superb and the spirit was so strong. They are incredible and we're going over for Thanksgiving dinner so hollabackgirl-- they rock and they're from Columbia :)

Pretty much I love these people so much and God is so good. Missionary work is a funny thing because it is the most joy I have ever felt and the most pain I have ever experienced. It is pretty much an emotional roller coaster but it's the greatest work I could ever be enlisted in for the greatest cause in the world.
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and He shall direct thy paths." 

I love you all more than boba.
--Sis. C Dohns

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