Monday, October 26, 2015

This week was a 360. Drop dead stellar.

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday which was unreal. It was half of the mission so it was good to see all my homies for sure. But at a couple points of the (9 hour) meeting it was just straight revelation after revelation I swear my hand was twitching by the end. The spirit was so incredible!!!!
Here's a couple things the Holy Ghost told me that I thought was pretty cool:

-Faith is power. Faith is power because what we put our faith in is all powerful. If we understand the nature of God, the timing of God, and the reason behind weaknesses, our faith should never falter in the midst of hardships. My homeboy President Eyring once said something like, "The foundation of faith must be embedded in our hearts or the power to endure will crumble." (love that man) 

-Trials are seriously a blessing. We want God to trust us but when He sends us what we think are trials or hard things it really is that He trusts us on the new plane of tasks to accomplish. Like Nephi, he was asked to do hard things back to back to back... on an upward slope of progressions and accomplishments. So TOGETHER they accomplished much good-- even though it wasn't smooth sailin'. It isn't anything we do that qualifies us for the work but it is what God can accomplish THROUGH US that is why he requires much from us. 
Hard things and trials are the biggest blessing God can give us. They are not a punishment. They are proof that God trusts us and sees us on a higher playing field.

So ya good stuff.
We saw a lot of little miracles this week so I want to share one. 
We were calling up this investigator that the elders in our ward gave us like a month ago. We didn't have any luck getting in contact with him because elders' handwritting is awful and we thought it said 9 but it was a 4...
So we figured that out and called him and he answered! We asked him if he wanted to meet with us and learn more about Jesus and.... he laughed and hung up... cool. I was just laughing because people are savages and it's hard to love them sometimes. But then right after that we got a call. 
A couple weeks earlier we got a referral from Church Headquarters that someone requested a Book of Mormon! We tried by their house 3 times with no luck so we left the Book of Mormon with a note and our number. 
She actually called us, booya. She's 19, has 0 religious background, and has a friend on a mission in South Korea so she wanted to check out what Mormons are all about. We went by Friday and she had already read the intro, testimonies, and the first 4 chapters! We taught her the Restoration and talked about the Book of Mormon and how she can know it is true. It was pretty dope and she's super ready, so holla :) She's in YSA age but we hecka don't want to give her up so we're going to snatch her up and teach her a little longer (lol oops)

This week was rad and God is so so so good people. Also a good week because Halloween is approaching which is THE BEST HOLIDAY!!! So have the best week and spook little kids' out and eat massive amounts of sugar for me! 

Love you all mucho,
Sister C Dohner

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