Monday, April 11, 2016

**We were on Vacation last week, so here are the last two emails from Sister Dohner**

Monday, April 4
Aye what it do friends!

Good laws this week flew.
I hope you all enjoyed #ldsconf because i sure did :)
Thurs we had a bomb lesson about prophets with our girl M.
That's been one of her concerns lately but what a better time to have it arise than before we hear live from the man himself!
We all (sis boss, me, ward mission leader, m, her returned missionary boyfriend) decided to fast Saturday and write down questions to bring to conference.
Sunday morning our bishop had a bundle of us over for breakfast and to plop in his living room for the morning session of Conference. M came to listen to conference!
We met with them last night to talk about it and teach her how to explore the wonderful world of the gospel library app to re-read the talks (she thought that was pretty dope).
But it was really cool to see her testimony in the prophet and apostles develop and grow. She said it was "really weird" how the exact things she had concerns about were straight addressed. Even a scripture Mark shared with her the day before conference to address a concern was mentioned TWICE in conference. Hmmm... coincidence.
It's really cool to see her fascination in the divine inspiration these men have (and other people all throughout the church). She gets taken back when they speak by the spirit because the spirit touches hearts and changes lives.
Cotton Candy Palm Trees

 Really though, I am so grateful that the Lord's church has order. That we are led by Christ through His chosen men and there will never again be a time where we do not have a prophet of God to lean on for guidance and instruction. This truly is the dispensation of the fullness of times. This is it. And I have a firm belief that the prophet and apostles will continue to lead us straight to Christ to "kiss the nail marks in His hands and wet His feet with [our] tears". My heart is very grateful.
Love you babes x123124 :)

Keep being cute and don't dread "tomorrow" lol
xoxoxo sis d

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