Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Caesar Chavez Day!!! 
(Lol, only in SoCal.)
Korean BBQ

It was Spring Break in this California college town, so you know what that means... it was SUPER WILD!!!! ...jk-- everyone was out of town so we didn't teach as much but we still stayed busy and picked up a new investigator that wants to go to BYU! 
But mostly this week consisted of watching out for one of our less actives.  He just moved back in the neighborhood and woof, this kid. We met with him every morning to read the scriptures and start his day off right but he managed to get himself into all sorts of trouble throughout the day. Mostly in downtown LA (not a place you want to get into trouble). On Saturday when we went by, he told us he wouldn't come to church because of something he did the day before. I got a little assertive and said firmly, "J,  you WILL go to church tomorrow. It is Easter Sunday! You WILL go and you WILL remember what Christ has done for you! Even if we have to come over and drag you out of bed and walk with you to church!!!" Sunday morning we walked with him to church!!! About a mile walk and a bus ride later, we made it to church!! Haha, these people stress me out, I'm going to be bald by the end of this thing..but I love them.

Me, Sis B, and Eda sang Redeemer of Israel during sacrament meeting. Sis B and I had to fill in real last minute for Relief Society and decided to teach about the Three Gardens of God mentioned in The Purifying Power of Gethsemane by Bruce R McConkie. It surprisingly turned out really good and WOW if you haven't read the talk, read it! Actually listen to it because it's amazing.
Then we made cookies and watched Meet the Mormons at a member's house so that was way fun. 

Easter has really taken on a different meaning for me this year. With the reality of the resurrection, I not only am incredibly blessed that we can live again and see the ones we love so dearly, but I am so grateful that we can find new life in Christ TODAY. There's no way to understand the resurrection without understanding the Creation, Fall, and Atonement. 
This Easter I am so grateful for the Savior that redeemed us from our faults and broke the bands of death. But this Easter season I am also grateful for Adam and Eve in the Fall. I am grateful they partook of the fruit to enable us to come to earth. To partake of mortality and to learn and grow and progress. I am grateful they obeyed God's commandment to multiply and replenish the earth in order for us all to eventually feel the enabling power of the Atonement. I am grateful for the struggles and challenges of mortality to help me grow and illuminate the good and joyful things of life. Life is so so good and I know it's always possible to be happy NOW. Christ already felt it all and paid the price. The Atonement already happened. We just need to turn to Him and let it heal us.
I'm really happy that Christ rose on the third day so I can rise from death someday and see Josh and those that I love once again. 
The resurrection would be irrelevant if death wasn't a thing, so I'm also grateful God's timing is perfect and He knows when we are ready to move on and attain all the eternal joy He has in store for us.
I could talk forever on the Plan of Salvation haha but my heart is just filled with gratitude :')
Thanks so much for all the love the past couple of weeks! I love you all so so much! 

Have a good week babes!! 
xoxoxo, Sis D

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