Monday, March 21, 2016

Yeet, good day babes :)

First of all, mad thanks to everyone that sent Easter packages, cards and money. My heart is so grateful.. THANKS SO MUCH I LOVE YOU!! :,)

Some Easter Suga
This week was way cool. So our singles ward is doing a "40 day fast" where someone or multiple people sign up to fast one day out of a 40 day period. They're fasting for us and any other missionaries and the missionary efforts in their lives. IT'S BEEN AMAZING!! We seriously can tell the difference in our work. People are just popping out of the wood work and it's unreal. Also members and other missionaries are finding so many more people for us to teach... Fasting paired with sincere prayer is real. :)

Just one of the many many cool things this week was finding this fellow named J! He was a system referral from missionaries that taught him in San Diego like a year ago. We got it a few weeks ago and had a hard time contacting him until this week. We met with him at the institute building and there were 3 members there. Wow-- it was the coolest lesson. He just kept saying how much he needed this right now and can't keep fighting it. He said he wants to be all in. We taught him the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the members bore strong testimonies of the divinity of it. We asked him to pray at the end. He was nervous but said the most humble and real prayer. He got choked up in the middle of it and shed a couple of tears. After he opened up to us about a few things and the spirit was so strong. He is SO prepared. He came to Institute the next day too and loved it :) He's a homie for sure.

A big thing I learned from him was just how much harder it is to be half in. I think a lot of times we like to pick and choose how and when we want to do what God wants for us and that isn't happiness. Our mission president said a while back, "Are you all in, or in the way?" And that's really stuck with me. It's so much easier to not fight it, but just follow Him. Because His plan is far greater than the one we have for ourselves.
 As we were knocking doors yesterday, we knocked into a man who said that we were sent from God as an answer to his prayers. He had been wanting to talk to someone about God and about how he could strengthen his relationships in his family. We had a wonderful lesson with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We showed him the new Easter video, and it was so powerful. The video took on a whole new meaning for me as we watched it together with his situation in mind. The spirit is so real, and I know that it talks to each of us!

The other day I got talking with some missionaries that are going home soon just about where to go to school and what they want to do with their lives and all of the craziness of decision making and life in general. (Which is super relatable because everyone goes through the uncertainty of the best decisions to make for their lives over and over.) It just assured me even more how bad it is if we try to do it all on our own.
 It's so much easier to just put ALL our trust in God and let him carry us through. It's hard to put into words, but I just know full happiness and success is ONLY attained by making God first in EVERYTHING. 

FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY!! We are trying to diet- but our self control is seriously lacking--                                                YOSO, right?!  (You Only Serve Once)
I seriously love life so much and I hope you all do too! Enjoy Easter and show the Easter video to everyone you know! Link:

Love you all almost as much as Cadbury Eggs :)

xo, Sis. Chels D

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