Monday, April 18, 2016

Hi cute people of America!

These past 7 have been SUBLIME!
We've been teaching like mad, seeing wild miracles, exploring the valley, getting kicked out of booshie gated communities searching for Jbeebs and the KK (kardashian klan), and having amazing studies with crazy revelation.

Our investigators are doing AMAZING! We have almost all of them on date so we're just praying really hard and studying really hard on how to help these people be prepared to take one step closer to eternal joy.
Something I've realized is how important it is to know where our heart is. I've been pulling apart talks and zooming into scriptures and really praying about how to have a genuinely happy heart, soul, and character and I've found A LOT.
It really comes down to where our heart is.
"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." ( Matt. 6:21 & 3 Nephi 13:21)

I love 1 Nephi 8 where it talks about Lehi's dream. Above all of Lehi's desires, he wanted to partake of the fruit from the tree of life and wanted his WHOLE family to partake also. No matter how much he begged and pleaded and bore his testimony, Laman and Lemuel wouldn't come. It says, "He did exhort them then with all the feelings of a tender parent"; Lehi brought ALL of his feeling unto their hearts, but that was all he could do. Laman and Lemuel had to bring those things INTO their hearts in order to truly believe and be changed.
How relatable is that? 
We all have those who wander in strange paths that we are shouting to come back and grab a hold of the rod of iron. We all have those we exhort with all our feelings to partake of God's love, but deny it. We can bring it unto their hearts, but it's up to them to allow those things INTO their hearts. 

I have confidence that God will always answer the questions of our heart. Sis Boss and I have realized that when our investigators "don't get an answer" to their prayers it is because the question in their minds and the question in their hearts are not the same. We may tell them to ask if these things are true. We may ask them to pray for the Lord to help prepare them for their baptism. But if the question in their heart is whether or not they should stick with their degree or change their major-- THAT is the question God's going to answer. So we've been proposing the question, "If you could ask God ONE question, right now, what would it be??"
And there it is. There's the question in their heart. and for those that aren't "getting an answer about baptism", the question in their heart is never about baptism.

So, what's the question of YOUR heart?
If you could ask God ONE question, right now, what would it be?

God truly does answer the questions in our hearts. God truly is our loving Heavenly Father. And I know God manifests His love through blessings. That is why He gives us commandments. They're opportunities for us to progress and opportunities for Him to shower his love through blessings.
"..the good that you do, will do you no good, unless your heart is right" (the fourth missionary by lawrence corbridge)
I know that we all have the ability to be TRULY happy NOW, when we point our hearts to God.
I love you babes so much and I hope you know that I pray for you every day. I hope you're truly happy :)

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