Monday, September 14, 2015

Hey cute people,

This week was wild. Up and down crazy.
We picked up a new investigator that is super solid! 
She is 14 and is adorable. We taught her the restoration
on the doorstep a couple weeks ago and she then had us 
over to teach her the Plan of Salvation last week. 
Wow the spirit was so strong! We ended with watching 
BecauseHeLives and she said she felt so much peace. 
The room felt on fire the spirit was so strong!

Our poor 76 year old investigator had a stroke so that was not good.
We spent the last half of our week in the hospital singing 
Primary songs to her and painting her nails... I don't like hospitals.
Poor woman is just trying to get baptized! Pray for her!

Something that really stuck out to me this week was the importance
of the first commandment: Love God.
The love that God requires isn't a selfish love- for Him to receive more
recognition or more power- but that love helps US. That love refines us.
If we love God, we will keep his commandments. If we don't love God
with all our "might, mind, and strength", we wouldn't do what we do, 
sacrifice what we sacrifice, and obey with a full heart of faith. When we
love God and do what he requires of us, that in return blesses us more 
than we could ever earn on our own. 
I do what I do because I love the Lord. I love people out here but alone,
that love wouldn't be enough to keep me out here. I stay out here because
I love God so much and that love helps me understand why He sent me here.

I am learning so much and my eyes are opened to so many miracles-
I know you all can experience the same if you only put your full faith
in God and love him with your whole heart.

Stay classy babes!
-Sister Dohner

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