Monday, September 21, 2015

Good day Family, Friends, and Fans!

This week was all sorts of good but mostly I want to talk about one of our investigators because he is out of this world awesome. 
It's a funky situation but a good one. He lives in our area but he's dating a member in a different area so we team-teach him with the elders of that ward (which has been super dope because one of those elders just happen to be one of my best friends on the mission!)
This is a little of his story:
So the elders started teaching him and he continually expressed how he just wants a sign. He wanted God to show him that the things they taught were true. The elders explained to him that it doesn't work like that and he needs to put his trust and faith in God. That didn't really satisfy him.
A couple days later it was about 5 am and he couldn't sleep. So he decided to pray. 
He offered a humble prayer asking God if he truly was there and if this really was the path that He wanted him to take. 
Right after he ended those words the fire alarm went off. Three times. 
He said each time he got the unmistakable impression that God was telling him: Greg. You know these things are true. Greg. You know these things are true. Greg. You know these things are true.

Greg is getting baptized on Saturday!

In our lesson with him a few days ago, that left me holding back a load of tears, he expressed to us that he was mad. He was mad he didn't know about these teachings before. He was mad he didn't teach his kids with these standards. And he was mad he spent 50 years of his life without these blessings. He told us in his whole life he has never been so happy as he has in these past 5 weeks; that he finally knows what it's like to be happy.

Wow my heart is so happy. I can't believe I have been so blessed to be trusted by the Lord in having a front row seat in watching hearts change and truly come unto Christ.
I see miraculous things every single day and I cannot imagine a life without letting God's love guide me. 
I love you all and I hope you all are loving life!
xoxo Sister Dohner

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