Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Week my Friends!
Greg's baptism went 100% perfect. Wow, it was incredible. What a man.
He wanted me and Sis B to be a part of the program and share a missionary moment. So we shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ (3rd lesson) and wow I was shaking in my boots because there were all sorts of missionaries and our mission president and the assistants were there-- so glad that part is over! But the actual baptism part and his testimony was out of the park great!
He talked about how he was in the "big building" across the treacherous river and midst of darkness looking upon the ones below and now he has finally taken a grasp of the iron rod towards the Tree of Life and has never felt more clarity and joy. I thought it was pretty neat he used his whole testimony referencing to           1 Nephi 8.

Then Women's Conference was super. It made me really reflect on virtue.
I think a lot of times the Holy Ghost is talked about to be with us when we're doing good things and not with us when we're doing bad things-- black and white. But I think it's a little more complex than that.
I find myself letting my thoughts linger in holy places but thoughts that are distracting as to what the spirit wants me to know right then and right there.
It's a tricky thing to focus in the moment and "let virtue garnish [our] thoughts, unceasingly" but I'm coming to realize that I need the Holy Ghost in my life more than anything.
It is the way God communicates to us. It is the way we feel of His love. It is the way we are comforted, guided, and warned of the prevalent dangers in these last days. And the way we qualify ourselves for that guidance is by pure and virtuous thoughts and actions and intentions.
(Missionaries LOVE packages!)
Missions are hard. Life is hard. There is no denying that.
But I have the strongest testimony that when we reach the end of our lives and see the glory that is reserved for us, we will look at the Almighty with awe and ask him, "Was that ALL that was required?"
I have so much gratitude for the Lord's hand in every single detail of my life. I really am so blessed. 
I love you all more than soft pretzels and blue raspberry nerd slushes!!

Sister Dohner

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