Monday, August 8, 2016

Hi Utah!

Wow God truly does answer prayers and change hearts.
This week was filled with heart softening blessings.

My NoHo Zone!

Here's a couple.
One night we decided to go post up at the Metro Station. The first lady we talked to was sitting alone waiting for her husband. We got talking to her for pretty much the rest of the night about her life and passions and desires. She opened up to us about how her son had died and how she and her husband have found faith in God through that trying time. Wow. There's no greater message to be able to share than the Plan of Salvation and that we will be with our loved ones again. It hits home for me every time.
But then something tender happened. This dude approached us that recognized me. I didn't recognize him at first-- looking rough and smoking a cigarette-- but then he told me his name. He was the nephew of an investigator family I had in Stevenson Ranch aka my first area! It doesn't sound big, but I loved this family so much. He updated me on their lives and said he was going to go to the military next week; so I literally just caught him before training to be on the front lines.

The past couple months I had been wondering if I really have been making that big of a difference on these peoples lives. We go out each day just hoping and praying to reach SOMEONE. To be an answer to SOMEONE'S prayers. And most of the time, you never really know.

I am still convinced these people have done a lot more good to me than I have to them. I still feel like I have a lot more to give. I forever will feel indebted.
But God has a subtle way of reassuring me that the effort we are giving, though it may seem small to us, is far greater than we can see.

You all are fab and I hope you believe that!
Stay cute and have a freaky week.
Peace and Blessings--
Sister Dohner

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