Monday, August 22, 2016

Hey beautiful people via Utah!
Me and Sis Ipson

City Life

So I don't really feel like putting much thought into my writing this week because I am terribly sick and anything I say probably won't make sense (medicated) hahah.  
But this week was good nonetheless. I spent the beginning of the week with a bag of frozen broccoli on my knee from spraining my lateral ligament playing soccer.. hahaha. And then got railed with a cold. But life is still wonderful and we saw lots of miracles!!
-Our investigators are doing super! One hit up Utah this week and visited the Ogden and Salt Lake temples :,)
-We are seeing progress in the area and getting real close with the ward.
-Member referrals are plenteous.
-Saw a G-Wagon Limo. It was super monumental.
-Many soul-driven conversations.
-Good food, good weather, good people, good vibes, good life!!

I really love it out here. I feel incredibly blessed with the flood of tender moments these past 15 months.

Have a great week scoundrels and God bless :,)

-Sis. Chels D.

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