Monday, December 21, 2015


Sweet Moses, I AM TWENTY!!! Thanks to everyone who made it so sweet! Love you all :)
The BIG 2-0

This week was so splendid wow. On Saturday we got to take my homegirl Gina to the LA
Temple!!!! She is someone that I have been working with since I got to Northridge. She was completely beaming the entire session and then after her endowments she got to be baptized for her daughter that died two years ago!
 I cried. She cried. It was out of this world neat.She will go back after the holidays to do her daughters endowments.
At the Los Angeles Temple with Gina

I can't really put into words how divine all of this is. During my studies this morning I just stopped and was really thinking about how this all just makes sense to me:

That we lived with God before this life. That He proposed the plan to us and we all chose to follow Him. That we are sent to earth to gain a body and to learn, grow, and progress in the gospel. That we have the opportunity on the earth to perform saving ordinances for ourselves and for those on the other side who are wanting to accept them so we can make promises with God and become more like Him. That this life isn't the end. It is only a small sliver of the plan, and if we endure it well, how we will be exalted on high and live an eternity of happiness. What's sealed on earth is sealed in Heaven and God always keeps His promises. I have such a firm faith that the Lord truly does walk beside us and that everything will work out as long as we follow him. The sting of death truly is swallowed up in Christ and his Spirit mends the broken heart.

This Christmas season out on the mission has been the greatest one of all. To really understand more fully the fall of Adam and Eve and because of that how we NEEDED Christ. How much his birth and earthy ministry and Atonement really did save us all from eternal sorrow and damnation. The reason for this season to me is to remember how much God loved us to send His son. How much Christ loved us to suffer the penalty for our sins. And how much that love illuminates in the reality of forever families through the ordinances in our sacred temples.

I hope more than anything else that you all know how much I love our Savior. How close He truly is to us all and I hope you all feel his love as you celebrate his birth.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS LOVELIES! :) Get krunk, pop some Martinelli's, and be nice to your family.

Peace and Blessings,
Sis D xoxox

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