Monday, September 26, 2016

Hi cute people :)

Another quick week out here in Studio City!
City Lights for miles and miles

Over looking my valley

A little glimpse into how these people roll: We were visiting with an old woman in the ward that is a little too fragile to make it to church. While we were over, she told us that a woman in the ward became super less active and every time she called she didn't have luck or she was "not home". So one day this 80+ year old woman decided to leave a message saying she was pretty much dying and being rushed to the hospital and she didn't now how much longer she'd live so she just wanted to hear this less actives voice... which was not true  hahahah....Just like Betty White on The Proposal.
Boy... what can ya do?

Woman's Conference was nothing short of amazing. It's always a joy to unite as latter day saint women and feel more abundantly of the strength and empowerment heavenly Father showers upon us. I feel really lucky to be a part of such a powerful force for good.

Sundays are my favorite.
I love being with my people at church.
There are so many young families and people poppin' out babies like it's the new trend, so we had 3 (boy) baby blessings.
OK, the mission has made me SO SOFT for family and babies, I cried in all 3 blessings haha.
I could just feel the insane amount of love. I am always touched by priesthood men and to watch those men circle around these babies with such great love. And I could also just feel a piece of how nervous and overwhelmed these fathers were to hold that infant in their arms. I believe it's because they are aware of what they hold. Not just a tiny fragile piece of life... but they hold the future. They hold the brother their current or future children. They hold future priesthood bearers of God's authority on the earth. They hold future missionaries, husbands, and dads. They hold Heavenly Fathers precious sons in their hands that He has entrusted them to raise up to be loved and to be nurtured and to grow in the gospel.
It's a neat thing.
But it was fast Sunday and while one of the dads was bearing his testimony he said: "and express my gratitude" but my hungry stomach and tired mind heard: "Panda Express, my gratitude", so my spiritual thoughts melted right there.

But man, I LOVE you beaut lads and ladies so so much! I know a lot of you, if not all of you, are going through some really tough times. I hope you remember you are in the hands of God. Just hold on a little longer! Things will be all right.
Stay cute and eat your fruits and veggies <3

xoxoxo, sis d

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