Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey fans!
                                                         (Service Day--at a Carnival!)

So I don't really have a lot of time today, so apologies. But I did have a good week! It was hard getting our investigators to church and have them stay the whole time but we'll try harder this week. 

Yesterday we heart attacked our fav dads in the ward and our zone leaders--for Father's Day. We made them cupcakes! It was so sneaky and a good time. 

Our zone did service for like 5 hours at a carnival and all got sunburned but it was a good time. As you can tell in the pictures we worked really hard. lol. 
                                                               (On an exchange day)
I went on exchanges with the STL and knocked in the 105 million degree weather but it was so fun actually. I LOVE talking to peeps about Jesus Christ. Honestly I don't even feel like I'm on a mission. I just feel like I'm living a normal life, but better. Like a Chelsea 2.0 version.

We met with our investigator family and it went well! The Primary President came and talked to the little kids about what to expect and gave them CTR towels. I had some CTR rings and gave them each one. They were all so pumped--it was cute!

I invited my first person to be baptized and she said YES!!! :) The cutest little 76 year old lady. I told her God won't let her die until she gets baptized hahaha. She's so pumped though and loves the gospel abundantly! But she has to fix her hip because she can't really walk well so she will wait until after her hip feels better. Hopefully mid August.

I am sorry this is short but we are about to go play ball with our zone. Priorities. Send good vibes and pray that I don't make the Elders cry again... FROM BREAKING THEIR ANKLES!! Lol. 

I love you all so so very much and I feel all your prayers. I love this work and I love waking up every morning knowing I am exactly where I am supposed to be doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. God is good ladies and gents. Stay cool.

Sister D

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